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The Horus Heresy: Space Wolves Praetor

Die Legion der Space Wolves bekommt einen eigenen Preator, gehüllt in eine mit Runen überzogene Rüstung, außerdem kommen MK VI Köpfe.

Heresy Thursday – Space Wolves Get a Predatory Praetor and New Mark VI Heads

The Space Wolves were the Emperor’s attack dogs, their geneseed altering their physiology and creating warriors with enhanced senses, superhuman reflexes, and heightened aggression.

Their lightning-fast assaults were famous, and when they were let off the leash at the Thousand Sons, their feral nature became the stuff of legends. Among them, their Praetors are some of the most feared across all the Legions, and now they have a miniature that matches their status.

Forge World Heresy Thursday – Space Wolves Get A Predatory Praetor And New Mark VI Heads 1

Armed with a master-crafted Frost Axe, this Legion Praetor is dripping with Fenrisian style from his Æether-rune armour – covered with intricate engravings and a trophy pelt of a hulking Fenrisian wolf – quite the prize, given how vicious those canines are.

Forge World Heresy Thursday – Space Wolves Get A Predatory Praetor And New Mark VI Heads 2

This resin brawler from Forge World also carries a bolt pistol, and an embossed shield hung over his backpack and cape. What’s more, he comes with the options for a stylish helmet or an unhelmeted head with a majestic beard.

That’s not all for the Space Wolves this week. There’s a new set of MKVI Legion heads on their way, a new  selection for the VIth to replace the previous wolf-style heads.

Forge World Heresy Thursday – Space Wolves Get A Predatory Praetor And New Mark VI Heads 3

This set of 11 resin heads includes four different designs with vents, ornate crests, and embedded gems, plus a helmet with a topknot and savagely stylish unhelmeted head.

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