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The Horus Heresy: Sons of Horus Weapon Upgrades

Die Space Marine Legion der Sons of Horus bekommen ein eigenes Waffen Upgrade für den Kampf um die Horus Heresy.

Heresy Thursday – Form the Tip of a Beautiful Spear With the Sons of Horus Weapon Upgrades

Although the vast Legions of Space Marines required a mountain of durable, no-frills equipment to fuel their endless conquests during the Horus Heresy , expert weaponsmiths still found time to craft works of surpassing beauty. Each Legion poured their identity into these masterworks, and today we can reveal a brand new pack of weapon upgrades themed after the mighty Sons of Horus.

Forge World Heresy Thursday – Form The Tip Of A Beautiful Spear With The Sons Of Horus Weapon Upgrades 1

This pack contains a selection of left- and right-handed Umbra-pattern bolters – a favourite of the XVI Legion – as well as six fearsome Banestrike bolters loaded with deadly armour-piercing rounds. This mysterious ammunition was a gift to the Sons of Horus from the Alpha Legion, appearing to be designed solely for killing other Space Marines, and it is predominantly carried by Legion veterans.

Forge World Heresy Thursday – Form The Tip Of A Beautiful Spear With The Sons Of Horus Weapon Upgrades 2

The Warmaster’s elite are also known for their wicked Carsoran power axes, with the elegant hooked blades a common sight among commanders and Consuls. These weapons are crafted from an ancient STC template found deep beneath the hives of Cthonia, and alongside the three you get in this set – one of which is designed to be held by Terminator hands – but also a huge two-handed Carsoran power tabar.

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