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The Horus Heresy: Malcador Varianten für Legiones Imperialis

Der Malcador Panzer rollt in gleich zwei neuen Varianten auf die Schlachtfelder von Warhammer Horus Heresy Legions Imperialis, mit einem Flammenwerfer gegen Infanterie und einem Laser gegen gepanzerte Ziele.

Heresy Thursday – More Malcadors Arrive in Legions Imperialis

The Solar Auxilia may lack the gene-augmented super-soldier combat prowess of the Adeptus Astartes, but they have no shortage of tanks. Hundreds of ever-reliable Leman Russ Battle Tanks rolling in formation, supported by earth-shattering barrages from Medusas and Basilisks, while enormous Baneblades and Stormhammers act as mobile fortresses, obliterating enemy formations.

Joining these companies are two additional variants of the Malcador Heavy Tank, a vehicle whose design can be traced all the way back to the Age of Strife.

Games Workshop Heresy Thursday – More Malcadors Arrive In Legions Imperialis 1

Envision this scenario: your opponent has squads of infantry garrisoned in a densely packed city environment – sure, you could bring all those structures down with a salvo of shells from your Medusas, but that just leaves ruinsfor your foe to hunker down in.

The Malcador Infernus solves this problem with its inferno gun, which unleashes ceaseless torrents of inescapable flame – the correct way to remove stubborn stains and dug-in infantry. It even has a little carriage with a fuel tank hitched to it, enabling it to maintain that torrent of purifying flame.

Games Workshop Heresy Thursday – More Malcadors Arrive In Legions Imperialis 2

However, it’ll take more than promethium to make a meaningful dent in a vanguard of armoured vehicles storming across open fields, which is why the Valdor Tank Hunter is so appealing. By sacrificing a sponson, the Malcador chassis can be outfitted with a powerful neutron beam laser able to perforate even the heaviest armour, presumably with a satisfying pop.

Games Workshop Heresy Thursday – More Malcadors Arrive In Legions Imperialis 3

In a box you’ll get a pair of Malcador Infernus and a pair of Valdor Tank Destroyers, with a choice of lascannon or autocannon sponsons for each, giving you plenty of options when expanding your Solar Auxilia force.

Join us next week on Warhammer Community for another Heresy Thursday, this time at a larger scale.

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