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The Horus Heresy: Legion Apothecaries

Die Schlachtfelder der Horus Heresy sind für alle Beteiligten angefüllt mit tödlichen Gefahren, doch das Apothecarion entsendet seine Apothecaries, um Verwundete zu versorgen und die Gensaat gefallener Brüder zu bergen.

Patch Up Your Battered Legions With This Pair of Surgical Space Marines

Space Marines are tough as nails and clad in the best armour ever invented, but even they can get injured – especially when fighting Astartes on the opposite side of the Horus Heresy. In fact, so great is the need for on-the-spot surgical skills that Apothecaries regularly wade right into the thick of battle to suture war wounds and gather gene-seed from the fallen.

Your Legion’s Apothecarion is receiving reinforcements from two newcomers in armour from the latter stages of the Horus Heresy – one is in sleek MK VI Corvus plate, while the other rocks the studded MK V Heresy pattern.

Games Workshop Patch Up Your Battered Legions With This Pair Of Surgical Space Marines 1

These Apothecaries are lightly armed, each with a chainsword and their signature narthecium, though fighting is far from their most important duty. By attaching to another unit, they grant the valuable Feel No Pain (5+) skill to their comrades, keeping your legionaries fighting fit in the face of grievous injuries.

Games Workshop Patch Up Your Battered Legions With This Pair Of Surgical Space Marines 2

You can take up to eight Apothecaries as a single Elites choice, so you won’t have to give up support from Terminators or Dreadnoughts just to bring the field hospital along. Spread them out among your troops, and laugh in the face of enemy firepower.*

This Apothecarion Detachment pack contains both Apothecaries, who are both cast in Forge World resin, for use in any Legiones Astartes army. Look out for more details of their upcoming release next month.

* At least a third of the time, anyway.

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  • Brauche ich jetzt nicht unbedingt. Durch ein paar eBay Käufe ganzer Armeen habe ich bereits einige Resin Apothecarii und die reichen vollkommen. Mich würde langsam die Armee interessieren, die diesen Winter noch kommen soll.

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