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The Horus Heresy: Dunkler Abgesandter der Sons of Horus

Der Kriegsherr Horus entsendet in Kürze seinen Dunklen Abgesandten, einen Botschafter und gleichzeitig Beobachter für seinen finstern Anführer, auf die Schlachtfelder der Horus Heresy.

Heresy Thursday – The Dark Emissary Brings The Warmaster’s Unrelenting Gaze

Commanding a galaxy-wide insurrection is no small feat, even for the extremely talented Horus Lupercal. Fortunately, the Warmaster’s unparalleled record, bags of charisma, and otherworldly patronage saw him win the support of half the Legiones Astartes – and even more allies besides.

To ensure that his allies and servants remained unquestioningly loyal during the Heresy, Horus instated the Dark Emissaries, specialised Consuls who acted as his watchful eyes and ambassadors across the galaxy.

Games Workshop Heresy Thursday – The Dark Emissary Brings The Warmaster’s Unrelenting Gaze 1

These experienced warriors ensured unflinching obedience in all who had pledged service to the Warmaster, from Traitor Auxilia and Fallen Nobles to his own Sons of Horus, and guided them with their strategic experience.

Each Dark Emissary is a paragon of skill and martial prowess, an example that Horus expected every member of his Legion to strive towards. Should anyone fail to live up to the Warmaster’s expectations – or worse, display seditious intentions – then a Dark Emissary could also act as an executioner for their exacting patriarch.

Games Workshop Heresy Thursday – The Dark Emissary Brings The Warmaster’s Unrelenting Gaze 2

Cast in Forge World resin, this miniature is equipped with a Staff of Dark Authority – a symbol of the Emissary’s status. Should anyone fail to recognise the jurisdiction of the bearer, it can also be used as a weapon with the Murderous Strike (6+) special rule – the Warmaster’s word is, after all, final.

His armour is bedecked with the symbols of his Legion, including the ever-watchful Eye of Horus, as a reminder of the ultimate allegiance sworn by any Traitor army he’s assigned to join. This merciless sentinel is coming to pre-order soon.

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