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Thalassa: Neue Previews

Kapitäne der Antike können sich auf neue Schiffe freuen.

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Good day Navarchs!

August will be full of news related to our game, alongside new sculpts and new ships!

Let me start by saying we will be joining MMF promotion from the 10th to the 30th August with a 20% discount on all Thalassa products!

But, what would this be without new ships and new rules to make it worthwhile? So this is what we have prepared during the silent July:

SIEGE BARGE (Already available on MMY)

Many of you have bought the Siege Barge STL from MMF and we have now completed the rules for it so you can use them in our games as part of your auxiliaries for your fleet. Here is an image of the profile which I will upload to the files section just after this post.


SEA FORT / BASTION (on MMF from the 1st August )

In the ancient world, dominant nations will often establish sea forts as connecting points between longer routes. The most important and large ones act as embassies in which nations would receive envoys and diplomats, or conduct war councils or parlays away from their main courts. But the most regular ones, scattered throughout the Hellas are bastions and military forts used as advanced positions to keep marauders at bay.

Sea forts can be used in special scenarios, but feel free to give them ago by just replacing one of your ships at random if your opponent agrees.

PIRATES (10th, 20th 30th of August on MMF)

In the ancient world of Thalassa, piracy was one of the career options for the most veteran sailors or disowned or resentful crews. Pirate ships were usually large enough to accommodate the crew comfortably as well as store loot and food when necessary. Slightly bigger than the penteres but more manageable and lighter than the triremes, these pirate ships usually seek protection on the islands of mmmm and raiding merchant ships and besieging coastal towns, but very often they also offer themselves as mercenaries in times of war to the fleets. of contending nations if the pay is attractive enough.

During the month of August we will be uploading a new pirate ship every 10 days (starting with the first day of MMF promotion. Convenient! Expect The Arpázon coming on MMF by the 10th August.


We have worked with Wargames Illustrated in another beautiful article for their September Issue. This time, we are presenting the Patron Gods Ships. Specially designed ships that nations use to show their pledge to the main Olympian gods in ritual festivities, but also ready them for war when necessary.

These ships (The Zeus, The Hades and the Poseidon) are quite the „special character ship“ for any fleet that can afford to commission them!

You can find here some pictures of the test prints.

Finally, after many conversations with Daniel, and looking at our finances, we have decided that Thalassa is too good and too precious for us to not risk a bit of money (actually a good bunch) to publish it ourselves! So we have been in conversations with manufacturers and after receiving quotes, and drawing some numbers, we have a big announcement to come …

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