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Tabletop Time: Space Bears Kickstarter

Das Team rund um Youtuber Jazza haben einen Kickstarter gestartet.



The Astra Primursa – colloquially known as the Space Bears, are an elite interstellar force of space warriors lead by their Warlord Oosan Ursa. Known for their patience and ferocity, the Primursa warriors will defend their brothers and companions to their dying breath. There are few things more fearsome in the galaxy than a freshly woken Primursa – so don’t poke a sleeping bear!

We’re excited to bring to you our beloved Tabletop Army as never seen before! The popular Astra Primursa, known for their powerful designs and „subtle“ bear-themed puns, started their life as a passion conversion project and have now taken on a life of their own. We are excited to announce this new and fully unique, standalone line of Space Bear warriors, that will be 3D-printable for the tabletop, ready for use in any of your own wargames, skirmishes, conversions and more!


This exciting range (and any stretch goals we reach) has been sculpted by Velrock. See more of his work at the bottom of this page – Velrock is a long-time supporter of Tabletop Time and is an insanely talented sculptor with years of experience making fantastic models for tabletop play!


Every .STL pack in this Kickstarter comes FULLY SUPPORTED (as well as unsupported for those who like to mess with scale or tinker!). Our supports are done professionally by Ty fromTableFlip Foundry, so when your prints come out of the printer, they peel off like magic – SO satisfying!

Soldier Packs

Spacebears2 Spacebears3 Spacebears4

Forming the core of the Space Bears army, Makwa Marines are both the most numerous, and most junior of their ranks. On the path to learning to patience of the bear,  these fast-paced warriors are always seen on the frontline of combat, tearing their enemies to shreds.

This unit represents the most versatile design, with many poses, all of which are interchangeable with the available weapons included:

  • Vicious Claws
  • Gutting Saw-Knives
  • Revolver Pistol (1-handed)
  • Siege Rifle (2-handed)


As a Makwa Marine learns to focus their rage and advance down the path of the warrior bear, they must serve as Drop Bears. Patience and timing are the hallmarks of these warriors, falling on their prey from the skies at the perfect moment to tear their ranks asunder.

Drop-bears will come in a three dramatic mid-air poses, and include your choice of flight stand or smoke plumes to mount them on. Drop Bears also come with the following weapons from the Makwa Marine set.

  • Gutting Saw-Knives
  • Revolver Pistol (1-handed)
  • Vicious Claws

Spacebears6 Spacebears7 Spacebears8

When exceptional Makwa warriors show that they have mastered the teachings of the patient bear, they earn the right to wear the heavy Kodiak armored suits. Embodying the size and ferocity of the great bear, Kodiaks enjoy the unparalleled protection of their advanced armor, moving implacably towards their foes while laying down a blistering hail of fire with their double barreled siege rifles. When the mighty Kodiaks reach the enemy lines, their energized gauntlets pulp their foes – enough to give even the toughest opponents paws.

The Kodiaks come in three powerful poses, designed to be mirrored for more variety. Each of these poses also has a caped variant. The Kodiaks equipment is unique, and consists of:

  • Power Paw (Left hand)
  • Double-Barreled Siege Rifle (1-handed)

Spacebears9 Spacebears10

The legendary founder of the Space Bears, bonded with the great mother bear Arctus, Oosan Ursa represents a commander option for this army.

His standard set of mobile armor is adorned with extra detailing, trailing cloth, fur, leathers and a cloak. Set upon an imposing tactical rock, Oosan is a dominating and inspiring presence on the battlefield. Oosan can also be used to make a more generic Space Bears leader through the use of an optional helmet, and while the mighty progenitor of the Astra Primursa usually battles with two claws, he comes with a variety of options, such as:

  • Double-Barreled Siege Rifle (1-handed)
  • Vicious Claw (Left)
  • Vicious Claw (Right)
  • Tenderizing Hammer (1-handed)
  • Revolver Pistol (1-handed)

Spacebears11 Spacebears12

After surviving long enough to advance from Makwa Marine to Kodiak, a Space Bear warrior may manage to find one of the hardy and ferocious bears of their homeworld, and bond with it. Only a Kodiak with a perfect balance of his focus and spirit can hope to bond in such a way with the primal bears. Once bonded, having found perfect balance in all styles of warfare, the Kodiak gives up his heavy and restrictive war plate and takes his place mounted upon his Battle-bear.

This awesome cavalry piece comes in two poses, one rearing in anger and another bounding across the battlefield. The at the waist connection of parts and lack of defining space bears insignia on the bear itself ensures these will make for easy conversion pieces for any Wargame miniature you wish to mount on a bear.

The Warrior mounted on top will also has two torso options and full rotation for multiple poses, and is compatible with all previous Mawka Marine arms. As well as the Makwa arms, Bear-Back Riders also include their own weapon options:

  • Tenderizing Hammers (1-handed)
  • Shields
  • Balled fist and Pointing hand

Spacebears13 Spacebears14

The great Urcine beasts of the Space Bear homeworld never stop growing, getting larger and more ferocious the longer they live. But as with all violent and warlike creatures, eventually on the battlefield even the greatest of paired Dread-Bear riders meets their end. These life-bonded Warriors, human and best friend, would rather die to defend the other than live alone. In rare circumstances, the violence of post modern warfare leads to situations where both Warrior and bonded Mount are mortally wounded at the same time. In these rare pairings, grim advanced measures can be taken to preserve some measure of their lives. The mount is cybernetically repaired and enhanced, changed and modified. These surgical changes and augments exact an toll that the primitive mind can not pay, thus, their bonded rider is suspended in a life preserving tank and mind-linked to the beast. Thus, the bonded pair are truly one, in mind and body. They then exact their painful vengeance for the damage inflicted upon their partner for as long as they are fit to do battle.

The Dread-Bear is a fearsome beast armed with an array of weapons and claws, mounting a powerful anti-air deterrent on its back and mind-targeted guns on servos on their shoulders. These shoulder guns can be either:

  • Defensive Heavy Siege Rifles
  • Ragehot Flame Projectors

Join the Bears!

Your support of our kickstarter will bring our incredible models to life on your own tabletop, and will directly support Tabletop Time and allow us to continue to make incredible models and video content! So thank you SO MUCH for your pledge!

You can pledge to claim one of your favorite warrior or bear models, or pledge and claim the whole bundle of models and stretch goals, for a huge discount!

If you print and paint your bears, make sure to share them with use using the hashtag #SpaceBears and/or #AstraPrimursa

Stretch Goals:

Once our base-goal is hit, we hope to achieve even more and with your help, increase the variety and scope of our ambitious project with its continued success!

NOTES: Stretch goals will apply to the packs of the matching purchased items (IE, Cyborg Bear Cavalry Variants will only be delivered to people who claim the reward ‚Bear Cavalry unit‘). The Bundle tier will receive ALL stretch goals including new models. Delivery of ‚vanilla‘ models will be in December 2023, stretch goal models will be produced as soon as we can, and will be delivered early 2024 as they require further sculpting and supporting.

Our stretch goals: (All prices below are in AUD)

Spacebears15 Spacebears16 Spacebears17 Spacebears18 Spacebears19 Spacebears20 Spacebears21 Spacebears22 Spacebears23

A MASSIVE Update – As of the 8th of November, we’ve hit all our Launch Stretch goals We’ve spent a few days brainstorming and planning some more, and we hope you’re excited to see them.
NOTE: All following stretch goals are new units or complete packs, and as such, they are all included in the BUNDLE TIER ONLY. The only exception to this is the $76,000 AUD goal, Heavy Weapons, which will be added to the Makwa Marines and Kodiak individual packs if it is funded.



Lighter Armored Space Bear Trackers armed with Hunting Shotguns and Scoped Rifles. Optional Assembly for male and female warriors.


Space Bear Homeworld themed bases to elevate your models (literally)


Rather than individual characters, this Veteran pack will include detailed bodies and mutiple options to create the specialists and advisors to Space Bear command. Be they healers (Carebears), Engineers or Shamans.


Some Heavy Weapon options for Kodiaks as well as an alternate gun choice for Makwa Marines focused on destroying armor.


Big Brutal Bikes with Big Brutal Bears riding them


Nothing is more devestating in close combat than a hulking werebear in Space Bear armor with a shield and maul. You’re getting mauled either way.


… Tank Bear is not a Tank. It is a Bear with Tank Guns. Bearoplane is either a Bear with Plane wings or a brutal Space Bear assault gunship – Backers will vote on what we get!




Velrock has put in an insane amount of work to make this project possible, and if you’re as blown away by his work here, you should check out his other work!

  • Velrock makes 8-16 miniatures every month for his backers on Tribes. Backers can choose to be in my fantasy tier, scifi tier, or both. Check out Velrock’s MMF page here https://www.myminifactory.com/users/Velrock
  • Velrock’s miniatures have separate meshes in the STL which makes digital kitbashing really easy, as they can take equipment such as weapons and armor and put it on other miniatures!
  • He is launching a sequel to the Curious Critters of Whimsy Isle sometime between Decemember and February – you can follow the Kickstarter page here https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/velrockart/curious-critters-of-whimsy-isle-2


Quelle: Tabletop Time auf Kickstarter


Brückenkopf-Redakteur und Miniature-Painting-Streamer. Wiedereinstieg ins Hobby 2015 nach sehr langer Pause. Spielt Warhammer 40k, SAGA, Star Wars Legion, Summoners uvm.

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  • Hm also man kann ja viel negatives über GW sagen, aber Miniaturendesign haben sie einfach absolut drauf.

    Da Frage ich mich immer, wer sich so einen -entschuldigt meine Wortwahl- „Abklatsch“ holt. Das ist doch in keiner Weise vergleihbar.

    Klar GWs Preise sind mittlerweile unverschämt, ich konzentriere mich deshalb einfach auf bisschen Killteam, bei den ich einfach deutlich weniger Minis brauche als bspw. 40K. Und dann gibt’s da ja auch noch andere Systeme mit schönen Minis von anderen Herstellern.

  • Wins Vorweg: Ich mag den Channel und wünsche dem KS viel Erfolg.

    Warm braucht man bei STL Dateien einen Kickstarter? Da ist doch alles fertig! Ist es nicht einfach viel besser das in einen Shop anzubieten und dann langfristig an Geld zu kommen? Zumal ja die meisten STLs schon über deren Patreon rausgegangen sind.

    Order will man hier KS nutzen, um Zufallskäufer zu finden?

    • Ich fürchte ein ordentlich durchgeführter Kickstarter bringt in wenigen Wochen wahrscheinlich mehr Umsatz als ein Shop über Jahre.

      Aus gestalterischer Tätigkeit wie „Minis machen“ einen halbwegs sinnvollen Stundenlohn rauszuholen ist schwierig genug.
      Da braucht es den Umsatz schlicht um wirtschaftlich tragbar zu sein, wenn man da mehr Zeit für haben will als man neben einem „ordentlichen Job“ noch irgendwie aufbringen kann.

      Ist also quasi ein „brauchen“ zweiter Ordnung.

    • 3 Dinge

      KS ist eine Plattform wo man entsprechende Kundschaft gebündelt hat und man spart sich Marketing/Werbung, deswegen werden auch viele fertige Brettspiele darüber vertrieben ohne das klassisches Investment nötig wäre

      Bei STL kann niemand verhindern das sie kopiert/geteilt werden sobald sie einmal öffentlich sind, darum bekommen sie alle welche es wollen zur selben Zeit

      Und etwas FoMo weil wenn es keinen regulären Shop gibt kauft man es weil man es vielleicht einmal braucht weil man j nicht weiß ob das später noch irgendwo zu haben ist.

      Wobei das in erster Linie für Zielgruppe GW-Ersatz gilt, den dort gibt es so viele due schnelle etwas Geld machen möchten das man mit dem Verkauf im regulären Shop einfach zu viel Konkurrenz mit echten (illegalen) kopien hat

  • Definitiv NEIN!
    Zu den sagen wir einmal menschlichen Imperialen Modellen… im Weltraum mit hochgekrämpelten Ärmeln.. total unlogisch.. das gleiche wie Ledertaschen an Raumanzügen! Ca. -270 C total sinnfrei!

    • äh ja, das sind Colonial Marines aus dem 2ten Alien Film, die werden auf Terraformierten Planeten mit Atembarer Atmosphäre eingesetzt… und wenn es mal Unter ein Terraform-Kraftwerk geht weil man ein Aliennest ausheben möchte/muss, puh, da kanns schon mal feuchtwarm werden.

      Aber gut, Popkultur-Lücken zu bald 40 Jahre alten Filmen kann man niemandem vorwerfen 😀

      • verflucht es sollte „wie aus“ nicht „aus“ heißen, da das definitiv nicht die ikonischen Charaktere sind.

  • Was wäre, wenn die Space Wolves eigentlich die Space Bears wären…?

    Die Designs sind im Grunde ok, aber auch nicht meins. Ansonsten gilt hier: STL Kickstarter bringen normalerweise mehr Kohle als wenn man das über einen Shop anbieten würde. Daher ist das aus Sicht des Unternehmens schon verständlich. (am ursprünglichen Kickstarter-Gedanken geht das natürlich komplett vorbei.)

  • Ich find die garnicht schlecht..Comic-mäßig total überzogen..und damit eigentlich näher am 40K Fluff dran (damals, als man noch über Orks lachen durte :-D). Und mehr Charakter haben sie allemal als generische Ultramarines

  • Ich mag jazza total gerne. Meine alte Firma hat mal mit dem kollaboriert und er ist ein super Typ. Aber die Designs hier sind echt alles andere als gelungen imo. Der „nicht space marine“ Markt ist mittlerweile sehr gesättigt und die Stößen da in keiner Art hervor. Wünsche dem ks trotzdem viel Erfolg.

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