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Star Wars Shatterpoint: Neue Preview

Die elitären Clone Commandos der Klonarmee stehen im Mittelpunkt einer neuen Vorschau für Star Wars Shatterpoint von Atomic Mass Games.

Databank Download: Republic Clone Commandos

This Star Wars™: Shatterpoint preview presents one of the most essential staple units in the Galactic Republic, the Clone Commandos, who join the Clone Troopers to make up the majority of the rank and file during the Clone Wars, giving that conflict its name.

Atomic Mass Games Star Wars Shatterpoint Clone Commandos 1

Even the most basic of Clone Trooper undergoes extensive training and conditioning to prepare them for their roles as dedicated military, considered to be far superior to the basic battle droids they might expect to engage when fighting the Separatist Army. Clone Commandos receive additional instruction and drills to serve in certain specialized capacities, including advanced reconnaissance or fighting in support of special strike teams and forces, such as those who accompany Jedi who serve as officers within the Grand Army of the Republic. Possessed of greater discipline, better accuracy, and capable of coordinating special assaults using specialized gear, they are an essential unit for a wide variety of combat actions.

The degree to which these soldiers are accustomed to highly orchestrated actions can be seen in their abilities. The Defensive Maneuver Active ability provides additional movement and a Hunker token to the Unit.  Coordinated Fire delivers some additional damage on targets in range of a Commando when an ally fires on them, making these Commandos a force multiplier for any Galactic Republic Unit.

Atomic Mass Games Star Wars Shatterpoint Clone Commandos 2

Clone Commandos are particularly adept at crossing the battlefield swiftly but carefully, taking advantage of defensive positions as they go. This is demonstrated by several very useful Innate abilities. Ascension Cables provide Scale to facilitate easy climbing to higher positions, while Commando Armor gives these characters Protection to reduce incoming fire, further assisted by the Hunker tokens that might be received by Defensive Maneuver, and the fact that having a Hunker token affords Steadfast due to Brothers in Arms. All of this combines to make these soldiers more resilient than might be expected based on their health alone.

Clone Commandos have access to the simple but effective Commando Training stance. This Stance allows them to be quite effective with ranged attacks, but also reasonably well equipped for melee attacks, compared to regular Clone Troopers. Commandos fire from a distance with DC-17M blaster rifles and eventually may be forced to draw vibroblades to defend themselves in melee, making use of their Katarn-Class Commando Armor, which is reasonably effective at diminishing glancing blows. The relatively flexible armor still allows considerable maneuverability while still giving adequate protection but isn’t intended to hold up against sustained blaster fire. The Stance’s Combat Tree focuses on damage output, but can also Pin or Strain, and potentially allow a Commando to Reposition.

Atomic Mass Games Star Wars Shatterpoint Clone Commandos 3

hat’s it for our first look at Clone Commandos! Make sure to check back for our next Star Wars: Shatterpoint Unit preview, where we give you a first look at how your favorite characters from the Star Wars galaxy translate into the gameplay of Star Wars: Shatterpoint.

Until next time, Atomic Mass Transmissions, signing off!

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