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Red Box Games: Fantasy Men At Arms Kickstarter

Red Box Games haben eine neue Kickstarter-Kampagne gestartet.



Returning again to Kickstarter with the intention to fund the production of our very first Hard Plastic Sprue featuring Fantasy Fighting Men! This is an effort I have LONG desired to undertake and now at last I have a solid production partner with whom to work and a solid plan to deliver a GREAT sprue full of options to create as many as 9720 different possible combinations!!

One Sprue to Rule them all!

One Sprue of 72 parts to assemble 6 individual figures.

Cast in high quality HIPS plastic by a well established professional manufacturer in Wargames Atlantic these sprues offer 6 unique torsos, 6 unique legs, 15 unique head options, 8 different right hand options, 8 different left hand options, 3 different two handed weapon option sets, 5 shields, 2 ruck sacks and 2 staff topper options.

Made in 28 mm scale for suitable inclusion into all your favorite table top gaming collections.

Redboxmaaks2 Redboxmaaks3 Redboxmaaks4 Redboxmaaks5 Redboxmaaks6


Red Box Games figures have always been cut a little differently than other table top miniatures ranges. I have always preferred and striven to create figures with more “ realistic “ proportions eschewing the exaggerations of “ Heroic “ scale miniatures lines. To this end my figures do not typically match well with other figures ranges. This is totally intentional on my part. It is a stylistic choice.

While my digital work has tended more toward a slightly thicker aesthetic than my previous tangible sculptural work the proportions remain as true to life as I think they can be made to be and still be “ readable “ on a table top. Please see below for the exact measurement of the assembled figure parts for this production which will be the standard for all RBG figures going forward.


frostgrave soldier model used as scale reference only. Red Box Games makes no claim of ownership or relationship with Frostgrave or Frostgrave soliders kits.


Producing Hard Plastic Miniatures is very new for Red Box Games but we have the expertise of a well established professional company whose entire specialty is in the realm of producing HIPS sprues for table top miniatures.


Wargames Atlantic (Based on Both Sides of the Pond!) specializes in the manufacture of hard plastic (polystyrene) model kits for a vibrant and engaged community of wargaming enthusiasts, converters, painters, and collectors. Their extensive product lines span across various genres, including science fiction and Classic Fantasy, as well as multiple historical eras such as Ancients, Medieval, Napoleonic, 19th Century, and the World Wars.



All US, Canadian, Central / South American, and Pacific Orders shall be shipped from the Red Box Games HQ in the South East United States. All Backers will be responsible for any customs duties or taxes charged there of by their respective governments. Red Box Games will always try to keep postage costs restricted to the absolute bare minimum needed to deliver the products safely and in good condition.

All European and United Kingdom backer rewards will be shipped from Wargames Atlantic’s UK HQ and all backers in the UK and EU countries will be responsible for any duties and taxes required by their government. Again keeping the postage needed to deliver safely and in good condition to the minimum possible cost.


Risiken und Herausforderungen

Potential Risks include adjustments needing to be made to parts on the sprue for the sake of better casting, delays in the process of tooling and casting or shipment. Some parts may need to be omitted all together for lack of space on the sprue. Not very likely but possible. These would only include parts not needed to fully assemble a figure ( ie excluding arms legs torsos / heads ).

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