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Reconquer Designs: November Previews

Von Reconquer kommen aktuell gleich mehrere Previews.

RD Reconquer Designs Preview 1 RD Reconquer Designs Preview 2 RD Reconquer Designs Preview 3 RD Reconquer Designs Preview 4

Crossbowmen for next month’s retinue!

6 done! Crossbowmen were generally well paid, particularly in Iberia, as an elite troop. The were typically well armored as well and had close combat weapons beyond just a knife. So I made sure to give all but one armor, and again I aimed for some exciting poses that fit rank and file games, skirmish games, as well as dioramas.

RD Reconquer Designs Preview 5 RD Reconquer Designs Preview 6 RD Reconquer Designs Preview 7

Sergeants for the November’s Military Order retinue!

From the book Ecclesiastical Knights: The military orders in Castile 1150-1330:

„The Iberian military orders had basically four categories of members: Knights, sergeants, clerics, and sisters.“ …. „In the universal orders like the Temple, the Hospital, and the Teutonic Knights, there was a clear distinction between knights and sergeants. Of the Iberian Orders, however, only Santiago offers any evidence, which is rather scanty, of sergeants.“

But we do know they held land and drew men-at-arms from them. So to supplement the retinue, some spearmen and crossbowmen are coming up next!

Außerdem haben Reconquer einen Fantasy-Patreon angekündigt:

RD Reconquer Designs Fantasy Preview 1 RD Reconquer Designs Fantasy Preview 2 RD Reconquer Designs Fantasy Preview 3 RD Reconquer Designs Fantasy Preview 4 RD Reconquer Designs Fantasy Preview 5

First model for the separate Fantasy Patreon/Tribes starting next month, the Cursed Harbinger

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