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Puppetswar Miniatures: August Patreon

Im August haben Puppetswar Miniatures wieder ein STL-Paket für Patreons zusammengestellt.

Puppwaraug1 Puppwaraug2 Puppwaraug11 Puppwaraug9 Puppwaraug10 Puppwaraug3 Puppwaraug4 Puppwaraug5 Puppwaraug6 Puppwaraug7 Puppwaraug8

Hi Gang,

Finally, we got the first part of this month’s lineup ready for you to download. Spider Bug has two head types with and without tentacles and as usual cyber controller as an optional piece, hope you like how he turned out. All ready-to-print files for those guys are ready to download here.

Here you can also see the look of the whole Orcs Flesh Busters team. Bodies are monopose but we used our standard orc head slot, so all our previous and future orc heads will work with those guys as well.

Orcs should be shared with you on Monday and before the end of the month, we will also have Recon Battlewalker, so stay tuned.

Have fun printing!
PW Team

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