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Plastic Soldier Company: Neue Jeeps für Battlegroup Centag

The Plastic Soldier Company hat 2 neue Jeeps für Battlegroup Centag veröffentlichtt, die ab sofort bestellt werden können.

Who let the dogs out?!
10mm MUTT M151 Jeeps for Battlegroup Centag
M151 Jeep Patrol, contains 2 x Jeep with crew, one with MG and one with M40 recoiless rifle
M151 TOW Jeep Section, contains 2 x TOW Jeeps with crew
M1 Abrams, Bradley APC, MUTT jeeps, Vulcan AA carrier coming very soon. US Infantry due in May
Also watch out for other Northag releases as well
Stand by for the Bundeswehr…
PSC Jeep Patrol Plastic Soldier Company

Northag MUTT M151 Jeep Patrol – £4.75

2 x M151 Jeeps with crew figures, one MG armed one M40 recoiless rifle arme

Release 17th March 2023 but preorder now


PSC Jeep Patrol TOW Plastic Soldier Company

Northag MUTT M151 Jeep TOW Section – £4.75

2 x M151 TOW Jeeps with crew figures

Release 17th March 2023 but preorder now

Quelle: Plastic Soldier Company auf Facebook
Quelle: Plastic Soldier Company

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