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Necromunda: Claim Jumper Preview

Die Squats auf Necromunda suchen in den Aschewüsten nach wertvollen Rohstoffen, die erfahrensten sind die Claim Jumper, die von den Techmite Autoveyors Drohnen begleitet werden.

Necromunda – Behold the Techmite Autoveyor and the Squat Claim Jumper Who Handles It

Like many worlds in the vast Imperium, Necromunda is exhausted. Its mineral wealth has been all but entirely excavated by relentless millennia of industry, and even the hazardous byproducts of this process are slowly running dry.

As Necromunda burns in the wake of the Aranthian Succession, the Ironhead Squat Prospectors are scouring the outlands, seeking wells of fermented toxic waste, seams of crystalised promethium run-off, and other prizes hidden deep below the ashen dunes. The most skilled and enterprising treasure-seekers are known as Claim Jumpers, wandering the wastes accompanied by their Techmite Autoveyors.

Forge World Necromunda – Behold The Techmite Autoveyor And The Squat Claim Jumper Who Handles It 1

With a nose for finding unstaked mining sites and sniffing out potential plunder, these hardy explorers trudge the wastes, tools in hand and gem extractor poised to extract treasures. Long-established protocol dictates that any staked resource sites belong to the House that found them, but Claim Jumpers have been known to swipe the goodies before a gang can even set up shop. That power pick is good for more than just digging.

Ironhead Squats utilise a range of technological tools, including a variety of small robots known as Techmites. These are often treated as pets as well as tools, and no Claim Jumper worth their salt would even set foot in the wastes without their trusty Techmite.

Forge World Necromunda – Behold The Techmite Autoveyor And The Squat Claim Jumper Who Handles It 2

These scuttling machine-familiars are loaded with multi-use tools, well-suited to snooping out credits and valuable scrap from nooks and crannies – There’s Always Another Secret, after all.

This pair of resin miniatures will be available to pre-order soon.

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