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Necromunda: Ashwood Stranger Preview

Der mysteriöse Wanderer, Ashwood Stranger, bietet seine Dienste als Kopfgeldjäger an oder führt eine Gruppe Ausgestoßener in den Kampf um die Zukunft von Necromunda.

Ashwood Stranger Is the Last Just Lawman in the Underhive

Necromunda is a world of unrighted wrongs and lost causes, a world of corruption and abuse where the powerless have no recourse. Yet a lone legend wanders between hives, a ragged gunfighter who walks in justice – Ashwood Stranger.

Forge World Ashwood Stranger 1

Where did Ashwood come from? What is he looking for? It remains a mystery. Some reckon the Stranger was once an Enforcer, and his custom ‘equalizer’ stub pistol certainly has the hallmarks of Palanite manufacture. Then there’s his habit of bringing down rogue Enforcers, when even the Merchant Guild won’t put up a bounty. Not that all Enforcers are his enemies – from time to time, the more virtuous among them will even throw in with the Stranger, if their goals align.

Whatever his origins, Ashwood is a force for justice – unlike most of the loners and exiles in the underhive. The nomad blade he wears on his back hints at his long travels between the hive cities, settling debts and standing up for the powerless.

Forge World Ashwood Stranger 2

With Gunfighter, Hip Shooting, and Fast Shot, Ashwood Stranger is a dual-wielding gunslinger par excellence, dispensing justice at the barrels of two custom pistols. Take him as an Outcast leader at the head of a vigilante gang, or hire him as a Bounty Hunter – but only if your heart is true.

Forge World Ashwood Stranger 3

This resin miniature comes with a fighter card, and you’ll find all of Ashwood’s details in the Book of the Outcast. The one thing in no doubt is this – when his job is done he disappears back into the outlands, just another soul wandering the wastes of the underhive…

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