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Mars: Code Aurora

North Star und Studio Tomahawk haben ein neues, figurenagnostisches Sci-Fi-Skirmish vorgestellt.

Mars Code Aurora

Look what’s coming in March.

Mars: Code Aurora.

Mars: Aurora Code is a generic Sci-Fi or futuristic skirmish game that can be played with any type of miniatures thanks to rules designed to make the most of your collection.

With forces of 8-15 figures a side, a simple yet tactical resolution system, and a scenario generator that guarantees re-playability, Mars: Code Aurora is a great game both for beginners looking for an accessible game, and veterans looking for a game in which to express their creativity and make some use of their minis gathering dust on the shelves (and an excuse to collect new shiny ones!).

An appendix presents different alternative settings, from a smuggler type campaign in the charted space, the corporate wars of a cyberpunk bleak future to the hunt for aliens and marines in a deep jungle.

With Mars: Code Aurora you’ll be able to design your own Sci-fi game setting and use any of the miniatures in your collection!

Info von Studio Tomahawk:

This is a game of a French studio that we love. So we are publishing the English version. The game is incredible, and we have a blast playing it. Same design philosophy as our own Age of Magic: bring back to the table the miniatures that were sleeping in the closet for ages!
Quelle: North Star Military Figures auf Facebook

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