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Malifaux: Weitere Gencon Previews

Wyrd Games haben ihre Gencon-Releases näher vorgestellt.

Waldo’s Weekly – GenCon 2023 Nightmare Edition and Miss Model

Hey Wyrdos!

Every year, we Chronicle in a new Nightmare Edition. These shed an Unnatural Glow on Masters and their crews, allowing us to continue walking A Weary Road as we add to our piles of unpainted miniatures. They offer a great way to add some visually stunning variations to your favorite crews. Last year we had a Fallen Kingdom of metal and flesh; now, we’re heading off to a place where the spirits refuse to take their Final Rest.

Let’s take a look at this year’s Nightmare Edition models, and see what’s inside:

Wyrd GenCon 2023 Nightmare Edition And Miss Model 2023 1 Wyrd GenCon 2023 Nightmare Edition And Miss Model 2023 2

The Seeker Keyword is ready to stride forth, bringing eternal undeath to all who dare cross them with the Reap & Sow box:

  • Morose Bellringers create dour songs in place of the Lamplighters.
  • The Stalwart Knight replaces Mikhail XVI as a (literal) eternal guardian.
  • Continuing to offer excellent transportation in place of Sophie is the Ghostly Coach… or part of one, anyway.
  • Heading this army of unlife is the Skeleton King, representing Jedza’s original model. Heavy indeed is the head that must bear a crown for all eternity.

We also release a new Miss model every Gencon! These offer unique versions of your favorite characters to bring some variation into your crews. This year is Miss Conduct, a brutal take on Arik Schöttemer from the Freikorps Keyword.

Wyrd GenCon 2023 Nightmare Edition And Miss Model 2023 3

We’ll have more information for you about the Nightmare Edition, Gencon sale, and how to acquire these awesome new sculpts soon. In the meantime, might be best to speculate about what could happen if the Skeleton King ends up listening to that shady advisor… or what he might look like after!

Wyrd GenCon 2023 Nightmare Edition And Miss Model 2023 4

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