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Kings of War: Global Campain

Mantic Games haben einen Einblick in die globale Kampagne Shadowed Horizons die am 8. September startet gewährt.

Die Kampagne wird mit einem großen Participation Game zwischen Northern Alliance und Nightstalkern in Nottingham eröffnet. Danach zählen die Ergebnisse aller eingetragenen Spiele für die Kampagne und verändern die Welt von Pannitor.

Shadowed Horizons

Brace yourselves for an epic journey as we delve into the captivating world of Kings of War and unveil the secrets that lie within its darkest and most insidious corners. It’s time to prepare your forces, and be ready to lead your army to fight for Pannithor. Whether you are at the helm of one of the brave armies fighting to rid the world of the threat posed by the vicious Nightstalkers and their allies, or instead a leading a marauding troop hell bent on destruction, the Shadowed Horizons global campaign awaits.


In Shadowed Horizons your successes, failures and results WILL shape the world of Pannithor. Gather your armies and forge alliances, as we find ourselves drawn towards the realm where frost meets shadow, and battle awaits.


As a participant in Shadowed Horizons, you will help decide the fate of the realm, and shape the course of history in Pannithor. Whether you choose to lead a mighty Kings of War army for GOOD, command a small Ambush company of warriors for EVIL, or captain a fleet of ships in Armada, every battle you fight will help affect the course of the story – which will progress each week, affecting your objectives and the battlefields you fight across. The path to victory will require not only your mastery of warfare but also your ability to negotiate alliances, and navigate treacherous landscapes and conditions.

Shadowed Horizons offers an immersive gaming experience that goes beyond mere dice rolls and miniature placement. It invites you to create narratives, forge friendships, and become an integral part of a vibrant and passionate community of Kings of War enthusiasts. Together, we will explore the depths of Pannithor, forging legends and writing our own stories. And in years to come, when these epic events are a famous keystone of the game’s history, you will be able to say ‘I was there’!

Des weiteren haben Mantic ein Slow Grow Projekt im Rahmen der Kampagne angekündigt. Weitere Informationen hierzu werden sie bei Zeiten bekanntgeben.

Kings of War ist unter anderem bei unserem Partner Minyarts erhältlich.

Quelle: Mantic Games


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  • Uhi das wäre echt ein Grund um mal eine neue KoW Armee auszuheben. Vielleicht die neuen Goblins oder Oger…. 🙂

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