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Infinity: Januar Neuheiten

Corvus Belli sorgen auch im nächsten Jahr fleißig für Neuheiten.

Druze Shock Teams 2024 1 Druze Shock Teams 2024 2 Druze Shock Teams 2024 3 Druze Shock Teams 2024 4 Druze Shock Teams 2024 5 Druze Shock Teams 2024 6 Druze Shock Teams 2024 7

Druze Shock Teams – 49,95€

The Druze Shock Teams are paramilitary assault units with a wild and bloody reputation, equipped with sophisticated military gear. Created by the Druze Society, they are a mercenary force often seen in the Haqqislamite Qapu Khalqi’s service—or in that of the highest bidder.

This box includes five miniatures: one Druze with HMG, one Druze with Chain Colt, one Druze Hacker, Jethro with MULTI Sniper Rifle and the Security Chief Arslan with MULTI Rifle and Light Shotgun. This box is nice for Haqqislamite players and also a great way to create a Fireteam of Druze to complement the Qapu Khalqi Sectorial Army and the Druze Bayram Security.

Reinf Caskuda 1 Reinf Caskuda 2 Reinf Caskuda 3 Reinf Caskuda 4

Caskuda WCD Armored Jump Operator – 44,95€

Caskudas are heavily armored assault T.A.G.s equipped with trans-atmospheric flight units that can be launched from aircrafts or planetary orbit.

This box includes one thermoplastic miniature. The Caskuda releases havoc deploying with an explosion behind enemy lines in the middle of the battle. The ideal complement for your Combined Army reinforcement units, or for your regular alien forces too.

Myrmidons 2024 1 Myrmidons 2024 2 Myrmidons 2024 3 Myrmidons 2024 4 Myrmidons 2024 5 Myrmidons 2024 6

Myrmidons – 41,95€

The Myrmidons are ALEPH’s elite storm troops and the spearhead of its efforts against the EI. There is no adversary able to resist the overwhelming tide of destruction of these tough and aggressive veteran soldiers.

This box includes four miniatures. One Myrmidon with Combi Rifle, one Myrmidon with Chain Rifle, one Myrmidon Hacker, and one Myrmidon Officer with Boarding Shotgun. The ideal box to have a shock unit in your ALEPH army and to create a Fireteam in your Steel Phalanx’s lists, complementing your Battle Pack Operation Blackwind.

Reinf Lizard Squadron 1 Reinf Lizard Squadron 2 Reinf Lizard Squadron 3 Reinf Lizard Squadron 4

Lizard Squadron – 41,95€

Lizards are old T.A.G. models optimized with new software installations and experimental wetware, so they are on the same level as their enemy equivalents, and just as lethal and resistant.

This box includes one thermoplastic miniature. Lizards are equipped with as powerful as lethal weapons which are not available for the rest of the troops. The ideal complement for your Nomad Nation reinforcement units, but also for your regular Nomads forces.

Diggers Chain Rifle 1 Diggers Chain Rifle 2 Diggers Chain Rifle 3 Diggers Chain Rifle 4

Diggers, Armed Prospectors (Chain Rifle) – 20,95€

Mining is not only a dangerous job, but also a poorly paid one, which is why many prospectors working in these frontier territories are willing to make some extra cash by carrying out some after-work armed jobs for mining companies or mercenary teams.

Mini-box containing one miniature. Diggers are an inexpensive short-range troop option that will allow you to cover deployment zones and keep threats away from your high-value rear-guard targets, or throw them against the enemy to force him to counter-maneuver and lose positions.

Highlander Cateran T2 Sniper Rifle 1 Highlander Cateran T2 Sniper Rifle 3 Highlander Cateran T2 Sniper Rifle 4

Highlander Cateran (T2 Sniper Rifle) – 17,95€

The Cateran are discredited clan warriors. Old professional soldiers who, blinded by ambition, left the army to become brigands and highwaymen. Renegades who do not recognize any authority other than money and who will work for whoever can pay them.

Blister with a metal miniature and one decorated thermoplastic base. The weapon’s range and the lethal T2 ammo makes the Cateran one of the most valuable mercenaries of the Human Sphere. An interesting addition to the army lists of Ariadnan players and to the StarCo mercenaries too.

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