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Hieronymus Bosch Tabletop Miniatures: Kickstarter endet

Ein weiterer skurriler Kickstarter von Andrew May endet.

AM Hieronymus Bosch Tabletop MIniatures 1


I have been fascinated by the art of Hieronymus Bosch since I was a teenager, after over 10 years of sculpting miniatures as a profession I feel it is time to translate some of his iconic works to tabletop miniatures.

AM Hieronymus Bosch Tabletop MIniatures 2 AM Hieronymus Bosch Tabletop MIniatures 3 AM Hieronymus Bosch Tabletop MIniatures 4

It has been extremely fulfilling to sculpt these miniatures, it was a real challenge to narrow the selection down to these ten and then to translate them into a form that would work at a small scale and fit with existing miniatures. See below for the original images that I was inspired by from the dark past!

AM Hieronymus Bosch Tabletop MIniatures 5 AM Hieronymus Bosch Tabletop MIniatures 6 AM Hieronymus Bosch Tabletop MIniatures 7

Having been painted, 500 years ago, without miniature sculpting in mind these were extremely challenging to sculpt by hand. Consequently  some of these resin miniatures are cast in multiple pieces, some of which are small and fragile so please consider that these miniatures may be suited more to experienced model makers and collectors, some pinning and gap filling will be required to assemble some of these figures. Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Due to their hand sculpted nature, I am offering resin castings only, no STLs exist. I will not be including stretch goals etc, I always aim to keep my campaigns honest, on time and manageable.



Die Kampagne endet in 3 Tagen und ist finanziert.

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