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GW: Warcry Vulkyn Flameseekers Preview

Mit den Vulkyn Flameseekers betritt eine aus feurigen Zwergen bestehende Warcry-Bande die Reiche der Sterblichen von Age of Sigmar.

Seek, Tame, Slay – The Vulkyn Flameseekers are a Triple Threat Warband

The Era of the Beast has elevated monsters to new heights of savagery, as the rhythmic heartbeat of Ghur thumps through the minds of predators and prey alike.

This is a net win for the Fyreslayers of the Lofnir lodge, whose Magmadroth wards have become deadlier than ever. They now seek to spread their beliefs and grow their stables, dispatching lizard-wrangling Vulkyn Flameseeker warbands across the Mortal Realms.

Most Fyreslayers firmly believe that Vulcatrix, the great godbeast who slew their ancestor god Grimnir and merged with his essence to create ur-gold, was a terrible beast utterly deserving of death. According to the ideology of the Lofnir lodge, however, the long-dead Ur-Salamander is actually worthy of worship precisely because it felled their beloved father. Duardin believers will go to great lengths to recover and incubate the Magmadroth eggs that formed when Griminir and Vulcatrix’s spirits scattered.

The Vulkyn Flameseekers are the most ardent adherents of this creed – each an expert beastmaster, accompanied to battle by Kyndledroths, the adorable offspring of bigger magmic monsters. They also seek the scattered vulkhazharr – sacred flames unleashed by Vulcatrix’s death, infused with divine power. Some even claim that these flames can imbue Magmadroths with godly powers – like scales imbued with crackling Azyrite energy.

Games Workshop Seek, Tame, Slay – The Vulkyn Flameseekers Are A Triple Threat Warband 1 Games Workshop Seek, Tame, Slay – The Vulkyn Flameseekers Are A Triple Threat Warband 2 Games Workshop Seek, Tame, Slay – The Vulkyn Flameseekers Are A Triple Threat Warband 3

Each warband is led by a Vulkyn Runefather, adorned with drake motifs and armed with either a drothvault greataxe or a shovel-like mastercrafted bokaz. Drothmasters are the Magmadroth tamers, whose pauldrons are fitted with Magmadroth eggs and whose whips are forged from Magmadroth scales – tools for bringing rampaging ‘droths to heel.

Games Workshop Seek, Tame, Slay – The Vulkyn Flameseekers Are A Triple Threat Warband 4

As the maddening drumbeat of Ghur thunders on, stirring up the fiery blood of the Ur-Salamander, many Magmadroths become too frenzied to tame or contain. It falls to the dour Drothblood Thanes to put these unruly creatures down, with the help of the Scalebreakers and the rest of the warband.

When such a killing occurs, the Magmadroth’s skin and scales are repurposed for cloaks and armour, allowing the duardin to take on some of their legendary resilience – and venerating the scorching saurians even in death.

Games Workshop Seek, Tame, Slay – The Vulkyn Flameseekers Are A Triple Threat Warband 5

The hunt for holy flames and sizzling eggs sends the Vulkyn Flameseekers all over the Mortal Realms, including into the tormented heart of the Gnarlwood, where a vast menagerie of beasts congregate, hunted by savage vampires and starving ogors.

Even with their hardened armour and fyresteel weapons, they’ll have their work cut out for them trying to cultivate Kyndledroths and prevent their eggs from being poached.

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  • Hm, endlich auch mal weibliche Fireslayer. Die Minis sehen schon richtig gut aus, also sehr passend für die Truppe.

  • Bin echt überrascht worden von der Truppe.

    Jetzt muss ich nochmal überdenken ob ich die nicht meinen Soulsworn Vorlieb gebe. 😜

    • Also wenn neue Fyreslayer kommen werden die wohl auch diesem neueren Stil entsprechen. Warcry und Underworld Sachen sind aber kein Indikator für irgendwelche Veröffentlichungen.

      Der nächste Zwerg wird wohl ehr mit einem Luftschiff daherkommen. (also kein neues Luftschiff, nur ein KO Zwerg)

  • Jetzt wird mir langsam klar, warum die Zwerge immer so riesige Hallen bauen, bei dem Kopfschmuck 😉

    Aber schick sehen die Jungs schon aus finde ich.

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