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GW: Legions Imperialis Solar Auxilia und Space Marines

Im kommenden Warhammer: The Horus Heresy – Legions Imperialis treten die Streitkräfte des Großen Bruderkriegs gegeneinander an, darunter die Truppen des Solar Auxilia und die Legiones Astartes.

Legions Imperialis – A Closer Look at the Solar Auxilia

While the Space Marine Legions take up much of the press around the Horus Heresy – being genetically descended from the Emperor of Mankind is some exceptional nepotism – the Great Crusade was supported by the massed armies the Excertus Imperialis, a vast force of human, and abhuman, soldiery.

Games Workshop Legions Imperialis – A Closer Look At The Solar Auxilia 1

Within their ranks the Solar Auxilia were formed, elite soldiers trained in the Sol System, the cradle of mankind. When Horus flipped, the Solar Auxilia operating alongside the Legions also had to make the fateful decision of which side of the war to fight on.

Sent to the battlefront as mighty formations known as Cohorts, a Solar Auxilia force is a mighty military behemoth consisting of everything needed to wage war from gigantic fleet voidships to mobile crew-served infantry support weapons. Each Cohort is further divided into Sub-Cohorts which are assigned to particular battles, and in Legions Imperialis this is often the force at your command.

Solar Auxilia Special Rules

Unlike their tall, ceramite-armoured allies (and enemies), the troops of the Solar Auxilia are not entirely self-sufficient during battle. Their vast armies rely on commanders to orchestrate them, and units with the Chain of Command keyword cannot receive orders other than Advance unless within the sphere of influence of models with the Solar Auxilia HQ special rule.

Games Workshop Legions Imperialis – A Closer Look At The Solar Auxilia 2

Legate Commanders have the widest aura of command, but you are limited to one per 1,500 points. They are backed up with Auxilia Tactical Command Detachments and Tank Commanders, who project smaller auras.

Numbers will tell against even the mightiest power-armoured troops, and the press of bodies presented by even the elite Solar Auxila’s Close Formation Fighting grants them extra CAF when fighting shoulder-to-shoulder or garrisoned with comrades.

Games Workshop Legions Imperialis – A Closer Look At The Solar Auxilia 3

The Forces of the Cohorts

The traditional Solar Auxilia army is built around a core of elite yet alarmingly expendable Lasrifle Tercios, whose Line keyword grants them an extra 2 Tactical Strength when deciding who controls Objectives, which are the key to winning games.

You can fatten these Detachments up with flamer-toting Auxiliaries, and add power weapons with Veletarii and Charonite Ogryns, which benefit from the Rend rule – letting you add D6 to your Fight rolls, to a maximum of 6D6.*

Games Workshop Legions Imperialis – A Closer Look At The Solar Auxilia 4

While massed infantry is helpful for securing objectives, tanks are good at shooting things off them. Solar Auxilia Armoured Company Formations ensure that you can field big scooped handfuls of the things, with a Tank Commander to boot.

Games Workshop Legions Imperialis – A Closer Look At The Solar Auxilia 5

You’ll fill your Battle Tank Detachment slots with either Malcador or Leman Russ Squadrons, the latter of which can contain up to 10 vehicles. Take the Vanquisher variant of the Leman Russ and you’ll get the Armourbane trait on its shooting attacks, which forces rerolls for successful saving throws made by Vehicles, Super heavies, Knights, and Titans.

While it might look like a straight upgrade over the trusty Leman Russ Battlecannon, its Anti-tank trait reduces its AP value to zero against Infantry and Cavalry models. By contrast, the heavy bolter is Light, so it simply bounces off Vehicles and bigger targets. As Detachments generally have to fire at the same target, matching your loadout to the target is vital.

Games Workshop Legions Imperialis – A Closer Look At The Solar Auxilia 6

Auxilia-Super Heavy Tanks Squadrons fill your Heavy Armour slots, covering a variety of armament patterns we know as Baneblades and Hellhammers.

Games Workshop Legions Imperialis – A Closer Look At The Solar Auxilia 7

These rolling fortresses are spoiled for choice with weapon options, and every bit as tough as a Legion Kratos. They bristle with Point Defence weapons, smaller guns which grant some flexibility to these lumbering beasts.

These may be fired on a Secondary Target, and may also fire in the Movement phase if the Detachment has been given an Advance or March Order –  a helpful infantry deterrent.

Games Workshop Legions Imperialis – A Closer Look At The Solar Auxilia 8

The Auxilia also have air support in the form of the Thunderbolts and Marauders of the Aeronautica Imperialis, as well as dozens of guns in the form of Tarantula and Rapier Batteries that can help even the odds against the Legiones Astartes.

* Tactical Marines can do similar, which is why you may occasionally see Terminators palling around with regular Astartes.

Legions Imperialis – A Closer Look at the Legiones Astartes

It’s the Horus Heresy. Brother fighting brother, comrades at each other’s throats, the galaxy split in twain, you know the deal. The battlefields of Legions Imperialis are home to many factions, but only two sides – Loyalists and Traitors.

Games Workshop Legions Imperialis – A Closer Look At The Legiones Astartes 1

These warring Allegiances have mustered a disparate collection of very different forces, of which there are four represented initially – the Space Marines of the Legiones Astartes and the human soldiers of the Solar Auxilia, plus the Strategic Assets of the Knight Houses and Titan Legions.

The Forces of the Legions 

Space Marines bring mobile heavy infantry and hard-hitting tanks to the fray. Like everyone, their models are deployed in Detachments, groups of models whose stats are represented by datasheets. As well as the Legions Imperialis Rulebook, these can be found in helpful decks of Detachment Cards –  which list the Detachment’s points cost, standard size, and any upgrades you can add on one side, and their stats, weapon profiles, and special rules on the other. You use the first side when building the army, and the other while playing.

Games Workshop Legions Imperialis – A Closer Look At The Legiones Astartes 2

For example, a Legion Terminator Detachment contains between four and eight Terminators. They’re tough as nails, and their Close Assault Factor of +4 hits hard in melee. Special rules like Implacable – meaning you only Withdraw from combat if you want to – and Invulnerable Save (6+) make them even harder to shift.

Games Workshop Legions Imperialis – A Closer Look At The Legiones Astartes 3

The Kratos is one of heaviest tanks the Legiones Astartes can currently bring to bear, and at 150 points for a squadron of two, they’re a pretty hefty prospect. They come with a range of weapons, including two big-ticket turret options: the mid-range Kratos battlecannon and the close-up melta blastgun. They do similar damage at close quarters, but the latter’s Bunker Buster Trait can even bring Structures tumbling down.

Games Workshop Legions Imperialis – A Closer Look At The Legiones Astartes 4

The Thunderhawk has been pulling taxi duty for the Space Marines for more than 10,000 years, and it has a hefty profile befitting its status. You can cram up to three gunships into a Detachment, and with a 25” move and special rules including Flyer, Hover, and Large Assault Transport (8), it’s more of an aerial party bus than a taxi.

Respectively, these rules mean it can cross huge distances while ignoring terrain, it can stay on the battlefield between turns, and it can deliver up to eight Bulky troops (such as Terminators) into the heart of combat, and it allows them a Charge Order (which many Tranports do not).

Games Workshop Legions Imperialis – A Closer Look At The Legiones Astartes 5

Legion Special Rules

The Space Marine Legions are known for their favoured tactics and specialisms, and all 18 have their own special rule. Importantly, each Formation you select can be from a different Legion – after all, the biggest engagements saw multiple Legions fighting shoulder to shoulder – giving you extra tactical depth.*

Games Workshop Legions Imperialis – A Closer Look At The Legiones Astartes 6

The White Scars, for instance, are Born in the Saddle, increasing the Jink save of any units with that special rule. This is a type of Save that certain speedy models can use to dodge incoming fire, such as aircraft and jetbikes.

Games Workshop Legions Imperialis – A Closer Look At The Legiones Astartes 7

The World Eaters, would you believe it, have a rule called Incarnate Violence. It’s quite simple, but brutally effective – they can reroll one of the D6s in every Fight roll they make. No one’s getting the better of these savages once chainblades are drawn.

Games Workshop Legions Imperialis – A Closer Look At The Legiones Astartes 8

The Salamanders have Strength of Will, which gives them an extra chance at every Morale check and grants them Implacable for good measure – they aren’t going anywhere unless you want them to.

This is just a snapshot of the power available to the Legiones Astartes – they have many more tricks up their sleeves, and an arsenal to match. Whether they’re fighting solo or alongside allies, Space Marines take to the field supported by squadrons of medium, and heavy tanks, a barrage of artillery, stomping Dreadnoughts, and sturdy fliers. Among other things…

* And not limiting you to a single colour scheme!

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  • Auch wenn das Spiel jetzt verschoben wurde, bringt GW erst einmal weiter fleißig neue Artikel raus…

    Ich bin wirklich interessiert, eine Panzerkompanie der Solar Auxilia zu stellen. Aber zumindest im alten Epic hatte dies auch immer Nachteile und war nicht unbedingt unbesiegbar.

    Ebenso bin ich gespannt, wann die Ritterhäuser kommen. Für Titanicus hatte ich eine kleine Knight Household Truppe aufgestellt, die ich hoffentlich fast eins zu eins übernehmen könnte…

      • Leider noch nicht. Da sie die Artikelreihe aber fortsetzen, besteht aktuell die Hoffnung, dass der Release in den nächsten 1-3 Monaten stattfindet. Wie Kodos schon beim Verschiebungsartikel hier anmerkte, haben die Influencer die Regelbücher zurücksenden müssen.

        GW hat seit ca 9 Jahren eine eigene Druckerei in Nottingham. Daher wird in dieser (hausinternen) vermutlich ein neues Buch produziert und anschließend neu verpackt.

        Wie sie das allerdings weltweit (die Depots sind auf mehrere Kontinente verteilt, die Boxen natürlich schon längst vor Ort) bewältigen, wird der entscheidender Faktor sein, wann der Release passieren kann.

        Ich tippe aktuell auf Preorder Ende September, der Release Anfang Oktober. Sie nutzen das nächstmögliche Forgeworld Release-„Fenster“.

        Die spannnende Frage bleibt noch wann sie jetzt Warhammer – The Old World herausbringen können. Hier war der November/Dezember sehr wahrscheinlich, da der Stand des Spiels laut Börsenbericht „Soon to be released“ ist. Und nein, das bedeutet nicht in 1 Jahr, dann stände es erst im nächsten Halbjahresbericht. Gerücht von Valrak war, dass sie es im 40. Jubiläumsjahr von Warhammer rausbringen wollen. Das wäre 2023. Vielleicht müssen sie TOW aber jetzt auf das Frühjahr 2024 verschieben.

      • Einen Termin gibt es nicht. Es gibt Gerüchte, es hätte am schlechten Print gelegen.
        Was das für uns bedeutet ist ungewiss. 1-2.5 Monate würde ich schätzen, je nachdem wo sie Drucken (können) und wie viel Gewinneinbuße sie in kauf nehmen.

        Da es vorher auch keinen Termin gab hätte man bei 1-3 Wochen einfach die Klappe gehalten.

      • Im Communityartikel vom 03.08. heißt es nur, dass man das Spiel ursprünglich im August releasen wollte, dass das aber nun „etwas später im Jahr“ passieren wird.

      • Dann ist ja fast die Frage für GW, ob sie da nicht mit der Box dann eher gezielt Richtung des Weihnachtsgeschäfts planen. Oder Richtung diesem komischen Black Friday.

      • Danke für eure ganze Updates!
        Okay wenn die Qualität des Buches natürlich schlecht ist, ist das schon ein Grund alles nach hinten zu verlegen.
        Ich glaube zwar auch nicht, dass das Regelbuch bei Epic länger als 3 Jahre bis zur nächsten Edition durchhalten muss. Aber wenn es bei den Influencern schon auseinander fällt, ist das natürlich nicht annähernd genau Lebenszeit für das Buch. 🙂

  • Sorry aber wenn ich die Karten sehe kommt mein „Monk“ zum Vorschein, wenn die Serie noch jemand kennt…

    Beim Leman Russ steht die Menge der Modelle auf der Rückseite der Karte, beim Baneblade auf der Vorderseite unter dem Bild. Terminatoren hinten, Kratos vorne, Thunderhawk hinten.

    Beim Baneblade wird die maximale Anzahl der zukaufbaren Miniaturen angegeben, bei dem Leman Russ nicht. Termis nein, Kratos ja, Thunderhawk nein.

    Kann ja sein das es nur mir so geht aber… *sfz* Kann man sich denn nicht bei den 5 Karten in der Preview ein bischen Mühe geben? Zumal das ja wahrscheinlich das kaufbare Endprodukt für Summe X sein wird.

    • Die Bilder sind auch widersprüchlich bei den Einheiten. Wenn ich bspw. die Detachmentgröße bei den Russen um 2 erhöhe, bekomne ich ja wohl nur 2 weitere Panzer und keine zwei weiteren Schwadronen mit je 4 LRen…

    • Angeblich entstand die Verschiebung dadurch, dass der Print selbst für GW zu schlecht war.

  • Für die Solar Auxilia habe ich am WE bereits die Luftunterstützung zusammengeleimt. 🙂

      • Imperial Navy und Space Marines
        (Astra Millitarum nicht!)

        Quelle WarCom und ein bisher stimmender Leak.

      • Im heutigen WarCom Beitrag steht was von Marauder und Thunderbolts.
        schätzte das wird in Kürze auch aufgelöst via WarCom.

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