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GW: Legions Imperialis Knight Lance Preview

Im kommenden Warhammer: The Horus Heresy – Legions Imperialis treten nicht nur die Legionen der Space Marines und die ungezählten Streitkräfte der Solar Auxilia gegeneinander an, auch die Ritterhäuser entsenden ihre mächtigen Kriegsmaschinen.

Legions Imperialis – Give Battle With a Support Lance of Knights

During the colossal battles of the Horus Heresy, the Loyalist and Traitor forces brought every weapon they could muster to bear. The war was fought in multiple theatres, where titanic war machines strode alongside infantry companies, the sky thick with beams of energy and salvos of apocalyptic ordnance.

In Legions Imperialis, you can deploy Knights and Titans to support your Legiones Astartes and Solar Auxilia. They might be small at this scale, but make no mistake – the Knight Households are nothing less than lethal.

Games Workshop Legions Imperialis – Give Battle With A Support Lance Of Knights 1

While your Primary Army List of Legiones Astartes or Solar Auxilia must account for 70% of your total points, the remaining 30% can comprise allies, including Knight Household Lance Formations. Questing knights, leggy knights, knights that look like walking eggs, even miniature Armigers – you can have them all.

This Formation is made up of a single Knight Banner, which consists of one pattern type – Questoris, Cerastus, or Acastus – with the option to customise them. You can add extra Knights of the same chassis, upgrade a Cerastus into an Atrapos, or have a swarm of Armigers to tag along.

Games Workshop Legions Imperialis – Give Battle With A Support Lance Of Knights 2

These towering mechanical warriors are tough combatants – even the Armigers have a sturdy 3+ save, while Knights Acastus get 2+, effectively as budget Titans. On top of this, every Knight is also equipped with an Ion Shield, which neuters the AP of enemy weapons firing at their front arc.

Games Workshop Legions Imperialis – Give Battle With A Support Lance Of Knights 3

But if you’re facing off against these towering terrors, how do you take them out? Make careful use of battlefield positioning to bait your opponent into revealing their vulnerable rear arcs, then unload everything you’ve got. There’s no need to worry about side arcs in Legions Imperialis, everything just splits down right across the middle of the base or model.

Games Workshop Legions Imperialis – Give Battle With A Support Lance Of Knights 4

Naturally, Knights are for more than just tanking damage, they’re equally able to dish out destruction on their own with a vast array of weapons, and a Close Assault Factor of +8 at minimum.

Weapons like the Thermal Spear, the Thermal Cannon, and the Atrapos Lascutter all come with the Engine Killer (X) trait, which makes them ideal for hunting super-heavy armour, dealing an additional number of wounds equal to the value in the brackets, in these cases enough to crater a Kratos in a single shot.

Games Workshop Legions Imperialis – Give Battle With A Support Lance Of Knights 5

Knights are far from the biggest thing on the field of battle, and even these noble steeds may find themselves in danger once the Titan Legions power up their reactors and stride into battle.

We’ll have more coverage of Legions Imperialis next week, when the Titans walk and air support is cleared for take-off.

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  • Es war ja klar, dass GW die Knight Minis von Titanicus auch für Legion Imperialis nutzen wird. Hier haben wir die Bestätigung. Aus dem Preview kann man aber nicht so viel herausziehen. Vor allem fehlen die Einheitenkarten der Ritter, so dass wir bspw. nicht sehen können, welche Optionen man wählen kann. Die reinen Knight Listen bei Titanicus waren da ja sehr eingeschränkt, aber ich denke, dass wir hier mehr Freiheiten haben werden. Ich freue mich aber schon, denn ich habe noch eine komplette Knights Household Box bei mir rumliegen, das reicht schon für eine ordentliche Lanze… 😉

    • GW sagte wohl schon bei Facebook du sollst zumindest alle Regeln für Vorhandene Knights dabei haben, rechne also nicht mit mehr Waffen, wie Aktuell.

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