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GW: 2023 Event-Exclusive Miniatures

Auch im Jahr 2023 bringt Games Workshop wieder zwei Miniaturen, die exklusiv auf Veranstaltungen weltweit erhältlich sein werden und stellt uns diese in einer kleinen Vorschau vor.

2023 Event-Exclusive Miniatures – The Commissar’s Duty and Tolgar Split-Eye

Between Warhammer Fest, the World Championships of Warhammer, the US Open Series, and a string of other major occasions planned throughout the year, 2023 is going to be an absolute whopper of a year for Warhammer events.

Such momentous happenings need exclusive miniatures to match, and the Warhammer Design Studio has gone absolutely wild with the two models that will accompany this year’s calendar of events.

Games Workshop 2023 Event Exclusive Miniatures – The Commissar’s Duty And Tolgar Split Eye 1

From the 41st Millennium comes The Commissar’s Duty. This vignette depicts an absolutely iconic scene – an Astra Militarum Commissar with his sword planted in the battlefield rubble, standing tall as he delivers the Emperor’s Justice. Is he aiming at a foe, or at a Guardsman who needs to be made into an example?

Games Workshop 2023 Event Exclusive Miniatures – The Commissar’s Duty And Tolgar Split Eye 2

Out of the Mortal Realms charges Tolgar Split-Eye, a frenzied Darkoath warrior sporting a natty eye-patch and swinging two huge axes. He also comes with an alternative head for building a nameless Darkoath Chieftain, which trades flowing locks for a fine beard.

Games Workshop 2023 Event Exclusive Miniatures – The Commissar’s Duty And Tolgar Split Eye 3

These likely lads will only be available at official Warhammer events and at selected partner events – and only during 2023. If you miss out this year, you won’t be able to get them at all!

Your first chance to pick them up will be at Adepticon, which is taking place from 22nd to the 26th March in Chicago, IL.

Quelle: Games Workshop


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