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Gridwars 2.0: Kickstarter läuft

Titan Forge sind mit der zweiten Edition von Gridwars auf Kickstarter unterwegs.

Gridwars 2.0

Cyberpunk 3D-Printable Wargame. Enter the Grid!

TF Gridwars 2.0 1

Firmware 2.0 update for GridWars is going live!

Plug in and discover the fully 3d-printable cyberpunk wargame with an arsenal of intricately designed, high-tech miniatures and adaptable matrix of DIY terrains, all awaiting your creative command.

TF Gridwars 2.0 2

GridWars are set in an alternate future where society, technology, and reality itself are interconnected in a sprawling digital matrix known as The Grid. Multiple cyberpunk factions wage a relentless war amidst hypnotic neon lights and humming data streams. Exploit every bit of data as one flip of a binary switch can decide who will control the vast digital expanse and seize the overwhelming power it promises.

GridWars 2.0 is a quantum leap forward from the original design. Foundational elements were supercharged with streamlined features, refined gameplay, and an expanded universe. Access the mainframe and upload the new Grid to your tabletop today!

TF Gridwars 2.0 3

Everything you need to ignite action-packed cyberpunk showdowns is right here!

A brief moment after the campaign ends, you will be invited to redeem your rewards and they will be available to download from your online library at MyMiniFactory forever. Choose your pledge now and shape the future of the grid yourself!

GridWars 2.0 Basic Pledge (39€)

Dedicated to everyone who is ready to discover the unique gameplay environment of the grid or quickly upgrade their existing GirdWars collection to 2.0. The pledge includes:

4 New Factions: Titan Guard (super-heroic defenders), The Scourge (alien swarm), Cyphrons (cutting-edge robots), and Aurora Collective (psionic warriors).

All-New GridWars Terrains: Including a versatile modular FDM system that will allow you to architect any type of cyberpunk landscape, ready-to-play terrain pieces in Post-Apocalyptic and Titan City style, and a new type of Cover Terrain with game-advancing rules. You can learn more about all-new terrain in the dedicated section.

Environment and Accessories: A complete toolkit to set up the battlefield and spark the cybernetic clash on The Gird that includes dice, tokens, neutral units, hacking terminals, bases, mines, and more!

25% Discount Code for Physical Accessories: A code that you can use to order physical GridWars accessories that will be available in the Titan Forge store right after the campaign. You can choose to have your GridWars Dice Sets, GridWars Battle Boards, and GridWars MDF Terrain delivered to you with 7€ worldwide shipping and focus on 3d printing just the miniatures.

Scan the full content cache presented below!

TF Gridwars 2.0 4 TF Gridwars 2.0 5 TF Gridwars 2.0 6 TF Gridwars 2.0 7 TF Gridwars 2.0 8 TF Gridwars 2.0 9 TF Gridwars 2.0 10 TF Gridwars 2.0 11

GridWars 2.0 Upgrade Pledge (58€)

If you are returning to GridWars and already own all the previously released models, we have also prepared something that will allow you to refine your experience with the previously released armies. Upgrade Pledge includes the entire content of the Basic Pledge and a Small Expansion Bundle that features 3 extra miniatures for each of the 7 original armies.

GridWars 2.0 Upgrade Pladge consists of only new miniatures, never released before – it is dedicated to those who were original campaign backers and subscribers. Getting this pledge will ensure that you have the full collection.

TF Gridwars 2.0 12

GridWars 2.0 Full Pledge (107€)

Are you new to GridWars? We are excited to present to you a unique opportunity to accelerate your sci-fi collection and expand your strategic arsenal. The Full Pledge includes the entire content of Basic Pledge, the Small Expansion Bundle, and the GridWars 1.0 Full Bundle with all GridWars miniatures released up to this day (including the original campaign and all releases). Over 100 additional STL models and 7 additional factions are ready to be deployed at your command!

TF Gridwars 2.0 13 1 TF Gridwars 2.0 13 2 TF Gridwars 2.0 13 3

GridWars 2.0 Custom Pledge – Add-Ons

You can shape your experience any way you see fit by combining your pledge with custom add-ons.

GridWars 1.0 Full Bundle Add-On (49€) – all GridWars miniatures released up to this day (including the original campaign and all releases).

Small Expansion Bundle (19€) – 3 extra miniatures from each of the 7 original armies, all new models, not included in the GirdWars 1.0 Full Bundle Add-On.

Small Expansion – Single Army Pack (5€) – the contents of the Small Expansion Bundle are split into smaller add-ons that allow you to just grab the reinforcements for your favorite armies.

TF Gridwars 2.0 14 TF Gridwars 2.0 15 TF Gridwars 2.0 16 TF Gridwars 2.0 17 TF Gridwars 2.0 18 TF Gridwars 2.0 19 TF Gridwars 2.0 20

TF Gridwars 2.0 21

 In GridWars 2.0, we have streamlined the gameplay by focusing on pure action. This has led to a leaner, more focused rulebook that allows the game’s essence and core mechanics to shine. Our graphics are preparing the final visual build right now, but if you want to get a better understanding of how the game is played, you can check out the beta version right now.

GridWars 2.0 also arrives with a comprehensive overhaul of cards for every unit ever unleashed upon the grid. This signifies thoroughly updated army rules, enhanced abilities, refined mechanics, and recalibrated statistics for all cybernetic warriors. Prepare for a great reset and get ready for all new battles as the 2.0 cards will be uploaded to www.thegridwars.net right after the campaign.

TF Gridwars 2.0 22

If you are a new contender of the Grid, browse through this compact summary of operations that await you in the digital frontier.

TF Gridwars 2.0 23

Move, jump, blink, dash, and fly across the grid. Navigate the cybernetic landscape.

TF Gridwars 2.0 24

Aim with deadly precision to slice through the pixelated ether and enemy defenses.

TF Gridwars 2.0 25

Employ hackers to bypass firewalls, infiltrate unseen layers, and alter the matrix.

TF Gridwars 2.0 26

Collect materials to complete engineering projects from binary blueprints.

TF Gridwars 2.0 27

Ignite your neon blades and turn the grid into an electrifying arena of direct combat.

TF Gridwars 2.0 29

Seize control, secure the scenario objectives, and watch as your score skyrockets.

TF Gridwars 2.0 30

In the cybernetic realm of GridWars, we have reimagined the battlefield with a special focus on the terrain.

GridWars 2.0 Modular FDM Terrain System was designed to empower you, the player, to shape any type of cyberpunk landscape your strategic mind can conceive. Below you will find some examples of what can be architected with the system but we invite you to set a fresh stage for every new clash and experiment with your creativity. This modular system will allow you to create buildings, barriers, and mazes with no size limits. The system is fully 3d printable but you can also order it in HDF from our website right after the campaign with a discount.

TF Gridwars 2.0 31

TF Gridwars 2.0 32

TF Gridwars 2.0 33 TF Gridwars 2.0 34 TF Gridwars 2.0 35 TF Gridwars 2.0 36 TF Gridwars 2.0 37 TF Gridwars 2.0 38 TF Gridwars 2.0 39 TF Gridwars 2.0 40 TF Gridwars 2.0 41 TF Gridwars 2.0 42 TF Gridwars 2.0 43 TF Gridwars 2.0 44 TF Gridwars 2.0 45

TF Gridwars 2.0 46

As the campaign unfolds, the lore of all new factions joining the grid’s battle will be unveiled, weaving together complex stories and relationships that will add layers of intrigue and excitement to your gameplay experience. Watch out for the dedicated updates introducing Titan Guard, The Scourge, Cyphrons, and the Aurora Collective.

TF Gridwars 2.0 47

Every pledge in this campaign includes a 25% Discount Code for GridWars Physical Accessories. You can choose to order them instead of printing them on your own for convenience and improved quality.

TF Gridwars 2.0 48

Battle Boards – Ready-to-use playing area, with a hexagonal grid. You can either get one Battle Board for clashes on a small grid or put two Battle Boards together for full-scale battles (recommended).  Battle Boards are foldable and easy to store. On the flip side, there is plain terrain that you can use for our fantasy wargame Bloodfields or all other purposes.

GridWars Dice – A beautifully crafted set of acrylic, engraved dice, that includes 8x Attack Die, 8x Defense Die, and 4x D6 Die. They are a pleasure to roll, have a fantastic price, and are a huge quality upgrade over the 3d-printed dice.

TF Gridwars 2.0 49

HDF Terrain – This set includes all components (walls, door, connectors, roofs) that you will need to fill the large grid with terrain. You can build the sample terrain or unleash your creativity and create your own designs. The terrain comes with cyberpunk graphics already printed on it and is easy to assemble.

Die Kampagne ist bereits finanziert und läuft noch 17 Tage.

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