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Great Grimoire: Dezember Patreon

Im Dezember haben Great Grimoire wieder ein STL-Paket für Patreons zusammengestellt.

Greetings everyone! We are happy to announce our new release!

In the sumptuous abode of the Shadowmere lineage, a grand masquerade is poised to unfold! The entire aristocracy of Raven’s Hollow receives the coveted invitation, with glasses resounding and wine cascading like an unhindered stream!

Whence the Shadows derived their opulence remains a veiled enigma. Yet, opulence, like a sepulchral shroud, eclipses any murky vestiges. The Count and Countess, elusive as phantoms, seldom grace the gathering; instead, it is their progeny, a pampered scion harboring delusions of regal ascendancy.

Fortune and dominion cast a pall of mystery. None dare to pry into superfluous inquiries. Merriment reverberates through the corridors during the extravagant masquerades of the Shadowmere kin. Thespians, soothsayers, and other arcane personages hasten to regale the blithe revelers

Are your costumes already prepared for the extravagant December masquerade?

The December release will consist the next models:

  • Vivienne Shadowmere
  • Aurelius
  • Isolde Serenadream (fortune teller)
  • Marcella Venomqueen
  • Malevolent Marionetist
  • Lilith Darkling
  • Obsidian Sentinel (3 models)
  • Enlivened Phantasms ( 3 models)
  • Bust of Aurelius
  • Bust of Vivienne
  • Special Bases x3 (50мм)


Great Grimoire team.

Quelle: Great Grimoire auf Patreon


Brückenkopf-Redakteur und Miniature-Painting-Streamer. Wiedereinstieg ins Hobby 2015 nach sehr langer Pause. Spielt Warhammer 40k, SAGA, Star Wars Legion, Summoners uvm.

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