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Bestiarum Miniatures: Crimson Grove

Bestiarum Miniatures haben im Dezember wieder ein STL-Paket für Patreons zusammengestellt.

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Rejoice Adherents!

The wait is over, after almost 3 years of clamouring, we’re extremely proud to present the return of the Crimson Grove and the Spires of Allstein.

Let’s dive into Crimson Grove first –

Crimson Grove Part Two

With a host of feculent new characters, we’ve endeavoured to expand the faction roster and round out the collection into a terror that can stand toe to toe with the likes of the Beastmen, Man Eaters, Calden Keep or even the mighty Penitent Crusade!

Let’s check out the good stuff, here’s the full collection:

Grove Pastor – 75 x 40mm

Bile Guardians x 3 – 50mm

Chalice Matron – 25mm

Grove Parishoners x 7 – 25mm

The Living Altar – 200mm

Crimson Tree – 100mm

Crimson Fruit x 5 – Props

Provided in large, prop scale, we’re mega excited to share the Crimson Fruits with you all. What do you think you’ll use them for? Twisted temptations for your Players? A creepy christmas arrangement? Maybe a terrifying piece of terrain?

RPG Module – The Crimson Harvest

The children of the Crimson Grove Abbey will also be taking the focus of December’s RPG Adventure. In this Module, adventurers will be charged to investigate strange happenings at the Bloomshade Monastery, where they will be faced with a terrible choice and a foul harvest festival.

Alongside the Adventure, we’ll also have a supplement with stat blocks for all the miniatures from Crimson Grove Part Two and Allstein Part Two!

The Inquisitor – $1 Hero

Heinrich, a somber figure shrouded in the lore of old, walks a path marked by suspicion and secrecy. His life is dedicated to the relentless pursuit of those who conspire with the dark arts. Each step he takes is driven by a deep-seated conviction to unveil and eradicate hidden malevolence. With a keen eye and unwavering resolve, he upholds a legacy that intertwines fear and respect, a guardian against the shadows that threaten to consume the light.


Lady Steelveil, a paragon of nobility clad in battle, strides before her soldiers with a commanding presence. Her face, marked by the scars of war, speaks of unyielding courage and tenacity. Garbed in sturdy, practical plate armor, she carries the weight of her lineage as effortlessly as the war cudgel that towers beside her. Her iron crown, stark and unadorned, is not just a symbol of her nobility but a testament to her indomitable spirit.

The Gravewalker

The Gravewalker is an enigma wrapped in a shroud of darkness. Trapped between worlds, he is neither living nor deceased. His silent vigil, marked by the eerie creak of the wagon wheel he carries upon his back, is a heavy burden, and yet in his adept hands becomes both a deadly weapon and a stalwart shield against his enemies. His eternal march speaks of a bound spirit, a spectral avenger on an eternal path of retribution and justice.

Return to Allstein – Early Preview

While we’re not quite finished with Allstein Collection, we wanted to share some of the work in progress, to give you a taste of what’s coming!

Technomagus Ferrox

Bane Gunners x 10 – 25mm Base

Balefire Turret

Iron Strider

Ironbond Soldiers x 3 – 25mm Base

Arcpulse Destroyer

First up, we’re bulking out the original trio of Bane Gunners with another 5 poses – we’ll also be including the original 3 sculpts, plus a lieutenant and a soon-to-be-revealed Heavy Weapons team – giving you a unit of 10 models!

Next up, here’s a look at some of the ongoing WiPs for Allstein Part 2, these creeps are undergoing some final polish before we call them finished – expect to see the final renders soon!

There’s a few more miniatures for Allstein Part 2 that you haven’t seen yet, a trio of Ironbond Soldiers, and a Heavy Weapons Team.

Stay tuned for more Allstein reveals as the month closes out!

Loyalty Rewards Programme

If you’ve only just joined us, you might not be aware of our Loyalty Programme, where your ongoing support is rewarded with a host of awesome miniatures! With Season 2 having just launched, expect to see more awesome miniatures joining the programme soon!

Happy printing, and see you soon!

Bestiarum Team

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