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Great Grimoire: August Patreon

Im August haben Great Grimoire wieder ein STL-Paket auf Patreon zusammengestellt.

Greatgrimoireaug1 Greatgrimoireaug2 Greatgrimoireaug3 Greatgrimoireaug4 Greatgrimoireaug5 Greatgrimoireaug6 Greatgrimoireaug7 Greatgrimoireaug8 Greatgrimoireaug9 Greatgrimoireaug10 Greatgrimoireaug11 Greatgrimoireaug12 Greatgrimoireaug13 Greatgrimoireaug14

Hypnotic blooms

In the depths of a shadowy and swampy forest, an eerie ecosystem thrived, teeming with a vast array of carnivorous and toxic plants. Within this mysterious realm, nature’s primal instincts took a sinister turn, as the plants evolved to consume flesh and unleash their poisonous secrets upon unsuspecting prey.

Within this shadowy and swampy forest, the balance of life took on a macabre twist. The carnivorous and toxic plants had evolved to survive in this harsh environment, their adaptations ensuring their survival. Each plant played a crucial role in the ecosystem, maintaining equilibrium by preying on the creatures that relied on the forest’s resources.

Yet, despite their deadly nature, these plants possessed a haunting beauty, their vibrant colors and intricate designs captivating those who chanced upon them. They served as a reminder that within nature’s embrace, danger often lies hidden beneath the surface, ready to ensnare the unwary.

Quelle: Great Grimoire auf Patreon


Brückenkopf-Redakteur und Miniature-Painting-Streamer. Wiedereinstieg ins Hobby 2015 nach sehr langer Pause. Spielt Warhammer 40k, SAGA, Star Wars Legion, Summoners uvm.

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