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Great Escape Games: Planwagen Preview

Great Escape Games haben für Juli einen Planwagen für Dead Man’s Hand angekündigt, den man auf der Partizan bereits ansehen kann.

GreatEscapePlanwagen1 GreatEscapePlanwagen4 GreatEscapePlanwagen3 GreatEscapePlanwagen2GreatEscapePlanwagen5

Here at Great Escape Games we tend to be a bit sneaky, we keep our cards close to our chest. Every now and then though something so awesome comes up we cannot hold back. We received the test frames for a next plastic release yesterday and I couldn’t wait to put them together. I’m sure you’ll all agree it looks fantastic! Releasing in July, the Great Escape Games Wagon…. If you can come along to Partizan this weekend we will have one for you to have a look at.

Quelle: Great Escape Games auf Facebook


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