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FW: Necromunda Neuheiten

Um den ewigen Kreislauf der Wiederverwertung auf Necromunda am Laufen zu halten, sammelt die Mercator Pallidus Corpse Harvesting Party die sterblichen Überreste der Bewohner ein, mit Rex Spires und Estus Jet kommen zwei Söldner und auch Ajex Gorgoth, Lord of the Fist tritt in Erscheinung von Forge World.

Forge World Mercator Pallidus Corpse Harvesting Party 1 Forge World Mercator Pallidus Corpse Harvesting Party 2 Forge World Mercator Pallidus Corpse Harvesting Party 3

Mercator Pallidus Corpse Harvesting Party – 62,00 Euro

Recycled meat is vital to the continued survival of Necromunda, and the Merchant Guild is continually acquiring fresh sources for the Corpse Grinders. Pale Consorts and Bone Scriveners are corpse prospectors, ever scouring the hives looking for new and plentiful veins of dead meat to be turned into the next batch of corpse-starch rations. Hidden behind macabre masks, often with ornamental rebreathers to block out the stench of their work, Pale Consorts and their Bone Scriveners use a collection of ancient surgical tools to determine the worth of their catch. Often, they will be seen exploring the aftermath of battles between gangs, or stalking the streets of a settlement savaged by outlanders, stooping over the dead.

There’s nothing quite like a Corpse Harvesting Party, a band of agents in service to the Corpse Guild, tasked with finding, well… fresh(ish) meat. If your gang is allied to the guild, they can be added as Hangers-on, bringing with them valuable firepower and muscle along with the other benefits of the guild. Sure, sometimes they’ll want to harvest your own injured fighters, but at least you’ll eat well! Both the Pale Consort and Bone Scrivener are equipped with a Medi Skull and Gun Skull (respectively) in addition to their other gear, while the Corpse Grinders are more than a match for most foes in melee with their vicious chain glaives.

This kit builds the following resin models:
– 1x Pale Consort
– 1x Bone Scrivener
– 1x Gun Skull
– 1x Medi Skull
– 2x Corpse Grinders

This highly detailed resin kit comprises 31 components, 4x 32mm Necromunda bases, and 2x 25mm Necromunda bases. These miniatures require assembly and are supplied unpainted.

This pack includes Fighter reference cards for the Corpse Harvesting Party, detailing their profiles and abilities. Full rules for using the Corpse Harvesting Party in your games can be found in the Necromunda: House of Faith supplement.

Forge World Rex Spires And Estus Jet 1 Forge World Rex Spires And Estus Jet 2 Forge World Rex Spires And Estus Jet E

Rex Spires and Estus Jet – 30,00 Euro

The bounty hunting career of Rex Spires started in the scrapheaps of the underhive. His freedom was delivered in the form of a nearby manufactorum explosion tearing through the hive dome. Three days later he crawled from the rubble, granted clarity from the experience. Now he fashions crude explosives, trying to recapture the feeling and making a living hiring himself out.

As a child, Estus Jet was the only survivor of a Ratskin ambush. The only clue to her identity was a tarnished collar, reading _EST SU_JE_T. She was taken in by the Deep 9 Orphanarium, and taught harsh lessons in survival. She earned a living along with the other girls as a Guilder guard and hired gun, before eventually striking out on her own.

This multipart resin kit builds the bounty hunter Rex Spires and hired gun Estus Jet. Rex can be added to any gang looking for a little extra boom, while Jet lends her toxin-laced blades to Outlaw gangs. Rex Spires is armed with a variety of explosives, while Estus Jet favours knives and her trusty autopistol.

This highly detailed kit comprises 13 components, 2x 25mm Necromunda bases, and a fighter card for each, including their profiles. These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly.

This pack includes Fighter reference cards for both Rex Spires and Estus Jet, detailing their profiles and abilities. Full rules for using Rex Spires in your games can be found in the Necromunda: Book of Perils supplement, while Estus Jet’s rules can be found in Necromunda: Book of Judgement.

Forge World Ajex Gorgoth, Lord Of The Fist 1 Forge World Ajex Gorgoth, Lord Of The Fist 2 Forge World Ajex Gorgoth, Lord Of The Fist 3

Ajex Gorgoth, Lord of the Fist – 29,00 Euro

The Fist of Hive Primus is the largest Goliath enclave on Necromunda, and Ajex Gorgoth is its master. One of the eight Alphas of Hive Primus, he serves Over-tyrant Varran Gor by ruling the manufactorums, slave pits, fighting arenas, and forges of the Fist. Unlike his counterparts in other Clan Houses, Ajex is far from some middling bureaucrat or hive overseer, content to live his life counting quotas and gathering up tithe chits. The Lord of the Fist is a far more ‘hands on’ master, either fighting in the House of Pain – the Fist’s largest fighting pit – or descending into the underhive to expand the territories of the clan and gather slaves for its factories.

This multipart resin kit builds Ajex Gorgoth, a high-ranking Goliath House Agent. From the bladed tip of his glorious mohawk to his cape made of chains, this man looks the business. Despite his rank, he enjoys getting his hands dirty, and any Goliath gang may petition his services, which consist primarily of absolutely stomping any and all enemies into bloody giblets. What his servo claw doesn’t crush, his great chainsword cleaves. Ajex wears a suit of heavy carapace armour as well, ensuring he’ll stick around to give you your credit’s worth.

This highly detailed kit comprises 22 components, 1x Citadel 32mm Necromunda base, and a fighter card with Ajex Gorgoth’s full profile. This miniature is supplied unpainted and requires assembly.

This pack includes a Fighter reference card for Ajex Gorgoth, detailing his profile and abilities. Full rules for using Ajex Gorgoth in your games can be found in the Necromunda: Book of Chainssupplement.

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    • Ist mir auch gleich aufgefallen. Plastik Uschi wird mit 35 Euro bepreist und das fette Resin Charaktermodell mit 22 Teilen von Forge World mit 29…

      • Für die Uschi wird vorher eine Stahlklotz für die Spritzgussmaschine gefräst, was sackig teuer und aufwändig ist.
        Wenn die Uschi nun relativ kleine Stückzahlen verkauft, dann schlägt sich das schon im Einzelpreis wieder.

        Das ist aber nur das grundlegende Prinzip, da ich keine tatsächlichen Zahlen habe weiß ich nicht wie stark das hier mit reinwirkt.

        Und damit sage ich auch nicht, dass ich nicht 35,- für Uschi auch viel finde. 🙂

      • Ja nur das die historischen Plastiksachen einen Bruchteil kosten, und die haben sie selben Kosten und müssen auch irgendwie Gewinn machen. Das Tooling für Spitzguss ist schon deutlich günstiger geworden, wenn auch natürlich auf zu hohem Niveau für Kleinserien.

      • Keine Ahnung wie die Absatzzahlen der historischen Sachen sind aber vor allem vermute ich, dass das Tooling bei GW ein gutes Stück teurer ist. an Detailschärfe kann bei der Tabletop Konkurrenz niemand wirklich mithalten.

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