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FW: Ironhead Squat Prospectors Claim Jumper

In den Tiefen der Aschewüsten Necromundas liegen Reichtümer in Form von Ressourcen verborgen, auf deren Entdeckung sich der Ironhead Squat Prospectors Claim Jumper spezialisiert hat.

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Ironhead Squat Prospectors Claim Jumper – 29,00 Euro

Claim Jumpers are vital specialists for surveying the exhausted resources of Necromunda, experienced Ironhead Squats who can sniff out seams of scrap, pools of fermented waste, and a hundred other exotic resources up for grabs in the ash wastes and shadowy sump-depths. Staking such claims – and defending them – is a dangerous business, and these daring prospectors go about their work heavily armed, accompanied by a Techmite Autoveyer drone of their creation that can bore through rockcrete and steel in search of treasures their master might have missed.

This multipart resin kit builds one Claim Jumper and his Techmite Autoveyer – a Hanger-on and accompanying Exotic Beast for your Ironhead Squat Prospectors. Clad in hardy mesh armour and laden with tools and sensors, the Claim Jumper defends their prizes with a power fist, power pick, and Ironhead autopistol. The gem extractor rig on their back is used for industrial work, but also comes in handy in a scrap, while their Techmite familiar opens up both loot crates and skulls with its built-in drills.

This highly detailed kit comprises 19 resin components, and comes with a Citadel 28mm Round Base and a Citadel 25mm Round Base.

This pack includes two Fighter reference cards, one for the Claim Jumper and one for the Techmite Autoveyer, detailing their profiles and abilities.

Quelle: Forge World


Der Brückenkopf existiert seit 2002 und bietet täglich News aus dem Tabletop Hobby.

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