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FW: Decurion Lanius und Ripper Bolgrot

Aus der Kuppel seines Panzers streckt Decurion Lantus von den Sons of Horus stolz ein Banner in die Höhe und inspiriert seine Brüder für den Kampf während der Horus Heresy, während mit Ripper Bolgrot der schlauste Troll der Alten Welt in die Blood Bowl Stadien tritt.

Forge World Sons Of Horus Decurion Lanius 1 Forge World Sons Of Horus Decurion Lanius 2

Sons of Horus: Decurion Lanius – 35,00 Euro

Decurions are specialists within the Legiones Astartes, warriors distinguished by their skill at fighting aboard armoured vehicles. Within the Sons of Horus Legion, the Lanius reflects the escalating brutality and desperation of the Horus Heresy – a Decurion tasked with inspiring discipline through cruel example, turning their guns on those who falter in battle. The mere presence of such an officer is a reminder of the bloody price that must be paid by any that fail the Warmaster.

This multipart resin kit allows you to upgrade a variety of vehicles with a Decurion Lanius – a tank gunner tasked with upholding discipline in the Sons of Horus Legion. The Decurion Lanius mans a banestrike bolt cannon, which replaces any normal pintle-mounted weapon and fires ammo designed to pierce power armour. He holds aloft a banner bearing the iconography of his Legion, and his power armour sports similar decorations, such as mirror coins. He can be built with either a helmet topped by a spiked crest, or a bare head.

This upgrade kit contains nine resin components, designed to be assembled with the plastic Predator, Sicaran, and Kratos kits, which are sold separately.

Forge World Ripper Bolgrot 1 Forge World Ripper Bolgrot 2 Forge World Ripper Bolgrot 3

Ripper Bolgrot – 35,00 Euro

Ripper Bolgrot is widely regarded as a genius among Trolls – while most of his thick-skulled cousins are unable to count above three, Ripper can hold insightful post-match discussions and devise complex team strategies rather than simply smashing everything in front of him. Of course, he can do that too, which makes him a highly sought after Star Player!

Ripper Bolgrot is a Star Player who offers all the muscle and team-mate-tossing you’d expect from a Troll, with the added benefit of not being dumb as rocks. You can tell he’s smart, because he wears fancy glasses. Ripper’s far more reliable than his peers, if you can afford his services – and he’ll let you add even more Trolls to your team, which is always a plus. He can be hired by any Badlands Brawl and Underworlds Challenge teams.

This finely-detailed resin miniature comprises five components and comes with a Citadel 40mm Round Base. All the rules you need to use Ripper Bolgrot are included in the pack.

Quelle: Forge World


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