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Freeblades: Vorschau auf das erste Quartal

DGS Games haben ihren Plan für Freeblades für das erste Jahresviertel vorgestellt.

Sie planen eine globale Kampagne mit dem Titel„Dark Vengeance“ für Ende Februar und haben die ersten Konzeptzeichnungen für die Udraggar Tribes of Ruin, eine neue Fraktion herausgegeben, die Ende März zur Adepticon erscheinen soll:

DGS Freeblades Preview 1 DGS Freeblades Preview 2 DGS Freeblades Preview 3 DGS Freeblades Preview 4 DGS Freeblades Preview 6 DGS Freeblades Preview 5

Die Thralls sind  Gefangene der Udraggar und werden vor die Wahl gestellt als Kämpfer, Futter für die Tiere oder Ritualopfer zu dienen.

Hello and Happy New Year’s Eve!

It has been a fantastic year for DGS Games, and you all have made that possible. From the bottom of our hearts we thank each and every one of you for an amazing year.
It’s been filled with tons of new releases, the addition of the Brightsword RPG, and many, many games played with our outstanding players. There have been 102 Articles posted to World Anvil, filling out the World of Faelon and adding to the depth of our lore. Couple that with a major organizational overhaul of World Anvil; we’ve had a busy year.
But now, as the world turns, we look ahead to 2023.
DGS already has a ton lined up for 2023, but for now, let’s concentrate on the first quarter. First up is Dark Vengeance, our first Global Campaign since the pandemic. That’s coming in late February. You’ll see more info on that in the coming weeks.
At AdeptiCon in late March, we’ll release a whole new faction, the Urdaggar Tribes of Ruin. Check below for concept art from the new starter set release.

And folks, this is just the first quarter. There is sooo much goodness coming this year from DGS Games. Hang on tight, it’s going to be a wild ride.

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