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Fallout Wasteland Warfare Neuheiten

Modiphius haben neue Figuren für Fallout herausgebracht.

Die Unusual Allies stehen bei 27,59€

FalloutUnusualAllies1 FalloutUnusualAllies2 FalloutUnusualAllies3 FalloutUnusualAllies4

Someone broken the law or hurting ghouls? Need someone punished for it? John Hancock’s your man. Or rather, your ghoul. While the Mayor of Goodneighbour might have a harsh streak, there’s method to his madness. Seeking to keep the peace in a lawless wasteland is always a hard job, and Hancock’s happy to oblige. Knife in one hand, gun in the other he makes sure that everyone he comes across agrees to sign on the dotted line. That, or they aren’t around to disagree for long.

Frank Horrigan kostet 34,49€


Frank Horrigan it the ultimate foot soldier for the Enclave–though ‘walking tank’ might be a better description. Starting as an unstable soldier deployed in the ruins of California, he quickly became known as a brutal instrument of murderous efficiency. While on a mission to the Mariposa Military Base he was exposed to FEV, beginning his mutation. He was experimented on still further by Enclave scientists to exacerbate his aggression, size, and strength, to the point where he could decapitate a deathclaw with one blow and put his first through the combat-armored chest of a Brotherhood of Steel knight.

Quelle: Modiphius Games


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