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Empress Miniatures: Neue Previews

Empress Miniatures zeigen auf Facebook neue Previews.

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Some more previews of sculpts for our upcoming Kickstarter on Arnhem Heroes. 28mm figures sculpted by Paul Hicks.
These are for the support weapons and also includes the first of the special figures representing Lance Sergeant Baskeyfield VC 2nd South Staffordshire Regiment.
Stay tuned for details of the KICKSTARTER in the New Year.
Cheers, Paul

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A preview of another of our Arnhem Heroes is Major Digby Tatham-Warter, the famous umbrella wielding officer of 2nd Battalion the Parachute regiment. Really made famous to the wider world by Cornelius Ryans book ‘A Bridge Too Far’, and portrayed in the film of the same name.
Carrying the umbrella for identification purposes he put it to god use and one story states that he incapacitated the driver of an armoured vehicle by pushing the pointed through the drivers vision slit. A one point he even acquired a bowler hat to go with it. But Major Tatham – Warter was not just an eccentric Englishman but an excellent leader and as Brigadier Gerald Lathbury said ‘Every battalion needs a Digby!‘ And as Digby explained to Lieutenant Pat Barnett when he questioned the usefulness of the umbrella in the given situation, Digby replied, ‘Oh my goodness Pat, what if it rains?‘
In portraying this officer we did not want to go through the usual cliched pose of him waving the umbrella in the air but instead wanted to portray him in a more human and eccentric way. We also wanted to show the a regimental Chaplain who get forgotten. One of the most extraordinary stories involves both.
Battalion Padre, Father Egan was hugging the earth behind a tree next to a road with the intention of running across it. However a German mortar team were targeting the road to prevent the paratroops from moving freely. Digby suddenly appeared looking down upon Father Egan and asked if he needed help. Father Egan looked up and explained his problem. Digby explained ‘Don’t worry, I’ve got an umbrella.‘ and pulling the Padre up by his arm led him across the road to the other side. After the war the German officer commanding the mortar explained he stopped firing when he saw the British officer with the umbrella because he was either mad or brave and so did not want to kill him.
Based upon this story here is Paul Hicks sculpt of Major Digby and Father Egan.
The other Paul 😉


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