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Dungeon Saga: Die Helden

Mantic Games stellen die Helden des kommenden Dungeon Saga Prequels vor.

Dungeon Saga Origins is a show-stopping new dungeon crawler that blends classic fantasy with clean modern rules – and a very special ‘Legendary Edition’ is coming to Kickstarter soon.

Today we offer a sneak peek at four brave heroes soon to take on their first adventure together, journeying down into the cold dark of Dureg’s Halls…

MG Dungeon Saga Helden 1

Danor is a naturally gifted – if somewhat reluctant – student of the magical arts, and has consistently impressed his tutors from the beginning with his ability, if not his enthusiasm. As the most humble of their order, in terms of background and demeanour, the wise Master has declared that it should be Danor that is tasked with a new quest of the greatest importance.

MG Dungeon Saga Helden 2

Orlaf makes a living as a sellsword, hiring his skills out to the highest bidder. Tremendously strong and skilled with blade and fists, Orlaf is also remarkably far-sighted for one of his kind and profession. Traveling to the City of the Golden Horn, Orlaf found city life very much agreed with him, though he still hungers for the chance at a truly enormous score.

MG Dungeon Saga Helden 3

Joining the renowned Sea Guard, Madriga quickly carved herself a fierce reputation as a warrior and a leader, but she found the constant ritual and formality of her position and her noble lineage to be overpowering and stultifying. After becoming the youngest ever to attain the rank of fleet captain, she elected to resign her commission and travel the world in search of adventure.

MG Dungeon Saga Helden 4

Rordin was always somewhat of a black sheep within his noble family. Where most dwarfs are dour and insular individuals, he is positively cheerful and fond of socialising (so long as there is strong ale involved). Although not without faults, he is a fearsome and capable warrior. Rordin makes an ideal choice to send down into the dungeon at the head of the party.

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  • Ich beim ersten Dungeon Saga-Kickstarter mitgemacht und war mit den Regeln von Jake Thornton nicht unzufrieden. Was muss ich denn unter modernen, sauberen regeln verstehen? Ich hoffe nicht, dass das genauso trivialisiert wird wie das bereits im Fall von Deadzone der Fall war.

    • Das hoffe ich auch. Ich war auch beim ersten Kickstarter dabei und war durchaus zufrieden mit den Sachen. Wenn es in Richtung „Descent: Journey into the Dark“ geht, wäre das aber durchaus ok für mich.

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