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Dropzone Commander: Neuheiten

Bei TTCombat gibt es Verstärkung für die Resistance und die Shaltari für Dropzone Commander.

Das Shaltari Adamah Gungate kostet 18£

Gungatefrontcopy Gungatebackcopy

Since mankind’s first contact with the Shaltari, the Gaia has been the alien’s closest equivalent to a heavy dropship, enabling bulk teleportation of large ground units. However, the Gaia’s lack of conventional armament has always restricted its use to pre-cleared dropsites. Around a year into the
Earth campaign, a new variant has appeared. Designated ‘Adamah’.

This formidable aircraft trades some transport capacity for a pair of front-mounted gravity cannons. These amplify the force of gravity to crush tanks like empty drinks cans, pulping their crews in the process. With formidable anti-armour weaponry, the Adamah can support its own landings, making it a singular threat that can operate far from support.

Although large, these have been observed operating alone in a vanguard/probing role, as well as in small-scale, surgical strikes. Commanders on the ground are learning to fear single-blip Shaltari contacts, as one Adamah can sweep a landing zone clear of picket units, then teleport in endless waves of lethal warstriders, gravtanks and support vehicles

Die Resistance Light Behemoth Avernus Mining Engine liegt bei 50£

Resistanceavernuslightbehecopy Resistancebackcopy Resistancefrontcopy

The scale of these diggings require similarly gargantuan machines. For the Resistance, these became prime targets for all sorts of modifications – the vast majority not for battlefield roles, but some have proved surprisingly effective. By far the most commonly used is the Avernus platform, a quadruped design with heavy armour, designed to cope with tunnel collapses and uneven, virgin cave formations.

These mighty Mining Engines are based off of the same heavy armoured hull that can withstand the strongest of firepower. Both variants come bearing two autocannons that ignore all cover making them excellent for clearing out those hidden units.

The Avernus has a large Mining Laser mounted on the back of the hull, this weapon fires a beam and punches through everything caught in its path, be that building, armour or infantry. The Cerberus swaps the direct firepower of the Mining laser for the more versatile Vent Repeater. The shots from this weapon can deal devastating damage and in desperate times the crew can overcharge the Repeater to increase the energy of the weapon, however this can come with terrible consequences.

Beide Modelle sind vorbestellbar und sollen am 8. September verschickt werden.

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  • Ein Angriffsgate. Nette Option denke ich.

    In Berlin zocken wir 6 -7 Leute seit einem Jahr aktiv Dropzone. Macht gerne mit oder lasst euch eine Demo geben. Macht echt was her. Schönes Stein Schere Spiel.

    Habe mir Herrn Schlumpbergers 1.0 Bücher geschnappt, weil sie so schön sind.

    • Hätte noch eine 6 teilige Spielplatte aus Kunststoff (unbemalt) für DZC aus einem Kickstarter übrig, falls Interesse besteht.

  • Hi Ja. Schließe mich Dir an. Coole Modelle und das Resistance Vehicle hab ich schon geordert. Freu mich schon auf unsere nächsten Spiele. Wer in Berlin wohnt und Interesse hat: 16.09.23 ab 11h nächstes Berliner DzC Spiele Treffen im Berliner Funtainment Center. Sagt einfach Hallo und wir kommen einfach ins Quatschen wegen Demos und Spielen und Armeeberatung. VG Daniel

    • PS: *Hi Jan* sollte es heißen. Am 16.09. werden wir zwei Platten mit Dropzone und eine Platte mit Dropfleet haben. VG

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