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Dropzone Commander: Neuheiten

TTCombat stellt zwei neue Einheiten für Dropzone Commander vor.

Der Grizzly Mortar für 12£:

UCMGrizzly (1) UCMGrizzly (2) UCMGrizzly (3) UCMGrizzly (4) UCMGrizzly (5)

Colonial tank design doctrine calls for ultra-low-profile hulls and compact weaponry. Bulkier weapons require an alternative mount, and one such option is the ubiquitous Grizzly. A modified version of the standard Bear APC, this chassis forgoes the transport capacity for a large weapon compartment.

Typically, the Grizzly is equipped with the UM-92 heavy mortar. This flexible armament sports a drum-based auto loader, much like a giant 20th century revolver. This grants a respectable rate of fire for a siege weapon as well as a minimal crew requirement. The Grizzly’s comparatively weak armour is rendered acceptable by UM-92’s ability to lob lethal shells from behind cover.

An exciting development has been the UCM’s first fieldable, projectile plasma weapon. This has been possible through tireless years of work and an abundance of captured Scourge technology. Indeed, this new UMX-9 Plasma Mortar shares several aspects with enemy versions. Like other plasma weapons, the UMX-9 delivers furnace-like energy to its target at very finite range, since the volatile plasma is held in place around the projectile by its fast-depleting power core. Since the UCM’s first plasma weapon is bulky and low velocity, its designers utilised the Grizzly chassis.

Contains 2 resin miniatures that can be equipped with either the UMX-9 Plasma Mortar or the UM-92 Heavy Mortar.

Der Executioner Heavy Tank für 12£:

DropzoneExecutioner (1) DropzoneExecutioner (2) DropzoneExecutioner (3)

During recent engagements, UCM observers have reported the presence of a new Scourge heavy tank chassis with two distinct variants. Thankfully, these tanks forgo the familiar Slayer-type hull’s transport capacity, but this allows the mounting of larger weapons. Whether these are newly developed is unconfirmed, although AHQ has cited this as an example of the enemy’s capacity for innovation and rapid deployment of new assets while under the strain of invasion—a troubling prospect.

The Executioner mounts a slightly smaller version of the loathsome Bio-Mortar, a weapon previously only encountered aboard the massive Eradicator Chamelopod. This allows the Executioner to liquify the internal organs and flesh of emplaced enemy infantry from a distant, concealed position. Although it’s only been reported in combat for a short time, the Executioner is already a dreaded foe and has led to mass-desertions. Priority should be given to destroying Executioners before freedom of troop placement is entirely lost.

The Decapitator is especially unusual. Initially, observers thought this tank to be unarmed, if amazingly fast compared to other large skimmers. However, once the Decapitators closed to point-blank-range of their target, their central engine mount rolled 180 degrees to face forward. Although all speed was lost, that engine’s thrust could then be channelled into a laser-thin beam capable of slicing through virtually anything. Other heavy units, even the largest behemoths, are highly vulnerable to this new threat.

Contains 2 multi-part resin miniatures with parts to assemble as either the Executioner Heavy Tank or the Decapitator Heavy Tank.

Beide Einheiten sollen ab dem 27.10. ausgeliefert werden.

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  • Ja, der Grizzly ist super. Da sind für die UCM so viele coole Optionen und Modelle im letzten Jahr hinzu gekommen, dass ich noch mal eine größere Investition tätigen werde. Grizzlys, die neuen Vulture Gun- und Scoutships, der light Behemoth und mittelschwere Panzer wie Scimitars fehlen mir noch.

    Da kommt das P250 auf TTW doch wie gerufen 😉

  • Der Grizzly ist eigentlich ganz gut, aber warum hat man dem so ein klappriges WW II STyle Kettenlaufwerk verpasst. Hier hätte man entweder beim Radpanzer bleiben oder die modernen Ketten der anderen Panzer adaptieren sollen.

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