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Dropzone Commander: Neue Fraktion angekündigt?

TTCombat haben Teaser veröffentlicht, die darauf schließen lassen, dass die „Anomalie“ zu einer vollwertigen Fraktion ausgebaut wird.

TTC Anomaly Dropzone Preview 1

Anomalous Encounters Report, August 19th 2673, Appendix A. Classified Level 6 – High Council, Supreme Admiral, Naval Theory and MF-B authorised personnel eyes only.
Final log entries of class-9 Colonial asteroid mining vessel Dimitrov [media corrupted – text recompiled from damaged black box by Specialist Lambant following recovery by Lysander Shadow’s Edge. Entire crew of Shadow’s Edge currently under guard in isolation at Niccolum Beta blacksite]

August 13th, 2673 (EST)

02:03 [Cap. Houston] Woken by incoming object alert claxon. Headed to bridge to relieve First Officer Shipley and receive his report: object approaching at beyond relativistic speed and making small course corrections. Est. time of convergence with us

02:19. Scans return anomalous readings. Assumed instrumentation error. Shall remain on bridge to diagnose issue.

02:45 Erroneous signature decelerating rapidly. Time of convergence receding – currently 02:34. Instrument panels 1-12 passed diagnosis. Still working on fix.

02:59 Object steady now at typical astral body approach speed. Has manoeuvred to avoid multiple asteroids on approach to our cluster. Ruled out instrumentation error – gut judgement call. Sounded general quarters.

03:13 Object holding station 3km from us. Optical scan confirms ship of frigate tonnage. Unknown pattern, likely Shaltari, not responding to hails. Imagery appended. Have assembled crew (19 excluding First Officer who shall remain on bridge) on transverse main gangway, armed. Going to join them.

03:23 [First Officer Shipley] Multiple blips on approach – scouts? Boarding vessels? Who bloody knows. Alien ship otherwise inactive. Our comms node just went dark, so sent sublight SOS to Maganum Prime. Screw protocol. 8+hrs to estimated signal arrival.

03:25 Clanks on hull. Retrieved bridge submachinegun from safe.

03:28 Screams. Crew comms dropping out. 12 still active.

03:36 4 crew left – they’ve rallied around lifeboat 2. Going to join them. Sack me in a damn tribunal later. Switching to audio. [Media corrupted. 1st Officer Shipley panting heavily. Multiple expletives omitted for clarity. Partial transcript as follows:] What the actual… are these things? They’re… nake… but no… Able got hit and ju… ash… dissolved dammit… just gone… [silence, then Colonial light armour piercing round reports on full-auto, then energy weapon signatures? No database match]. I’ve seen one… it’s… no mouth… and… but they bleed. In pod. Two of us left. Pressing release butto – [Audio lost]


03:45 Record ends.

TTC Anomaly Dropzone Preview 2

Anomalous Encounters Report, August 19th, 2673, Appendix B: Interview transcript #7.
Classified Level 6 – High Council, Supreme Admiral, Naval Theory and MF-B authorised personnel eyes only. Interviewer: Col. F. Burkley, Office of Naval Intelligence, medical. Interviewee: Lt. R. Jordan, Army Air and Space Corps, Pilot 1st class, exemplary record, multiple tours, last survivor of Eden Prime incident #14.

[Interviewee’s many incoherent mumbles, vocalisations of distress, irrelevant expletives and sudden shouts omitted for clarity.]

[Jordan] Another grey suit? Said my piece to six of you already. Over and over. The last few weren’t friendly. You.. you’ll be friendly?

[Burkley] Yes, Lieutenant. I apologise for my colleagues’… keenness. We just want-

[Jordan] Given it already. What more can I say? Our flight of six Ravens got downed on a routine patrol of mountain pass-624, West Sector. Poor visibility. Snow. Get it?

[Burkley] Indeed, and you executed a superb, forced landing given the circumstances. But once down, you saw-

[Jordan] Some tank thing first, maybe, though the blizzard. A floater, skimmer, whatever. Silent, anyway.

[Burkley] Can you describe-

[Jordan] Done that. And I guess you got the flight recorders? No?

[Burkley] A rough image only. The recorders were… damaged.

[Jordan] Like my guys, my chalk. They were… damaged.

[Burkley] No bodies or traces were recovered, ma’am, we said-

[Jordan] Yeah. No bodies. Right. Hard to recover bodies when they’ve been-

[Burkley] Vaporized, indeed, you said. We at ONI have the finest forensics analysis in the Colonies, and not a single atom of complex biological-

[Jordan] They took the… cloud, left behind… after. I think.

[Burkely] You think? What took it?

[Jordan] I’ve said already, OK? The mist… stuff… ex-human… whatever, it sort of got sucked towards the tank thing. But it was those… things, that did the vaporising.

[Burkley] Can you describe those to me, please?

[Jordan] Oh, just – [verbal diatribe follows, requesting that Col. Burkely leaves the room].

Lt. Jordan subsequently lunged at Col. Burkley and was restrained by three orderlies. This was the last coherent interview Lt. Jordan submitted to. She has since been euthanised as-per SOP.

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  • Hm, geht die UCM jetzt auch schon in Richtung 40k Imperium, dass die eine Zeugin eines Alien-Angriffes gleich nach der Befragung exekutieren…?

    Ansonsten ist die nächste Alien-Fraktion ja schon Jahre im Fluff angeteasert worden. Die PHR kämpfen offenbar schon länger gegen die und die sind wohl auch der Grund, warum die Scourge auf einmal mit der Menschheit Frieden schließen will.

    • Das war auch mein Gedanke, dieses halherzige Friedensangebot, weil etwas auf dem Weg wäre.

      Und nach ihren letzten vier Begegnungen mit anderen Zivilisation (Shaltari,Sphere,Scourge,PHR), hat man wohl keine Lust auf Massenpanik. Da ist es einfach zu sagen: „Tragischer Unfall, keine Überlebenden“. Ist eine sehr pragmatische Herangehensweise.

  • Ich wollte Grade mit der UCM einsteigen.
    Gleich mit der neuen Fraktion einsteigen wäre natürlich auch sexy.
    Jetzt fehlt nur das wann…

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