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Dropfleet Commander/TTScenics: Neuheiten

TTCombat haben die Neuheiten der Woche veröffentlicht.

PHR Sarpedon Battleship
The Sarpedon class has been observed on multiple occasions at the head of so-called ‚Javelin‘ strikes – lightning assaults on certain, enigmatic surface positions before rapid and unexplained retreats. Some suggest that limited ammunition payload may explain this, but senior operatives of the Office of Naval Intelligence suspect that’s just wishful thinking.
Shaltari Gold Battleship
Unlike the familiar Platinum class, the Gold is a far more aggressive vessel. As one of the Shaltari’s premier assets the Gold is a worthy chariot for the mightiest of attack-oriented Starchiefs.
The Rusty Flagon Tavern
Rusty Flagon
The clinking of many flagons ring out into the night air of this raucous dwarven tavern. Drain a keg of strongest mead for the ancestors!
Warriors Hall
„Marshal the forces, bring them forth from below!“ The Warriors Hall is a two storey building that functions perfectly as an end cap for intricate layouts with other Savage Domain kits.
„Keep the torches lit and your eyes open, the enemy could be anywhere!“ The Watchtower is a modular kit with one block, two towers and two ladders. They can function together as a standalone watchtower or as a part of a larger layout with other Savage Domain kits.

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