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Dropfleet Commander: Scourge Space Station

TTCombat haben eine kleinere Raumstation der Scourge vorgestellt.

TTC Scourge Small Space Station 1 TTC Scourge Small Space Station 2 TTC Scourge Small Space Station 3 TTC Scourge Small Space Station 4 TTC Scourge Small Space Station 5

Scourge Small Space Station **PRE-ORDER FEB 24th** – £15.00

While the Scourge prefer to make additions to already existing infrastructure, sometimes capturing a planet means eliminating its existing orbital defences. In situations like these they will employ purpose built stations, the most common of of which are the Ephyra and Nematocyst. Though it is unknown to the UCM how the Scourge deploy them in orbit, none have been seen in construction, their presence alone means heavy Scourge occupation.

The Ephyra is the more numerous of the two, based upon rows of Oculus weapons, it seems the Scourge favour this more ubiquitous tech than other long range defensive weapons. Though not particularly dangerous at range, it’s still enough of a threat for attackers to steer clear of.

The Nematocyst is the long range specialist of these defensive stations. It’s usually the first to fire upon any engaging fleet, and usually a priority target. Its Volcano Lance is capable of painting a ship with a beam of thermal energy, not unlike that of the Furnace weapons on Scourge ships. Though the power involved causes the station to be as visible as the ship it’s targeting.

Space stations are integral to many scenarios in Dropfleet Commander – highly appropriate for the game’s orbital combat setting!

Contains 1 resin miniature with 1 plastic Dropfleet Commander base and flight stands.

Resin miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled. This kit will require cleaning and assembly, and could need some small holes filled.

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  • Auf FB kursieren auch ein paar Bilder der UCM Space Station. Die sieht richtig gut aus. Bin mal auf PHR gespannt.

  • Wieder dieses Resinzeug? Von den Shaltari Monitors bin ich alles andere als überzeugt. Da waren die alten Plastikmodelle viel besser.

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