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Dragon Trappers Lodge: Rise of the Farmomancer

Bei The Dragon Trappers Lodge gibt es diesen Monat mal eine andere Form einer Bauernrevolte.

TDTL Rise Of The Farmomancer 1 TDTL Rise Of The Farmomancer 2 TDTL Rise Of The Farmomancer 3 TDTL Rise Of The Farmomancer 4 TDTL Rise Of The Farmomancer 5 TDTL Rise Of The Farmomancer 6 TDTL Rise Of The Farmomancer 7 TDTL Rise Of The Farmomancer 8 TDTL Rise Of The Farmomancer 9 TDTL Rise Of The Farmomancer 10 TDTL Rise Of The Farmomancer 11 TDTL Rise Of The Farmomancer 12 TDTL Rise Of The Farmomancer 13 TDTL Rise Of The Farmomancer 14 TDTL Rise Of The Farmomancer 15 TDTL Rise Of The Farmomancer 16 TDTL Rise Of The Farmomancer 17 TDTL Rise Of The Farmomancer 18

Rise of the Farmomancer | RELEASE | January 2023

Members of The Lodge,

It is my honor to present you with the minis, monsters, and terrain of our epic JANUARY 2023 release: RISE OF THE FARMOMANCER


  • 75+ models
  • 5E stats & Lore
  • Wargame Friendly Set + OnePageRules compatible (both Grimdark Future and Age Of Fantasy)
  • Full Veteran Model list at bottom of post. Trapper tier does not include Smutton the 5th and Terrain
  • 💣 MMF redemption emails and and Patreon MSGs with MyAirBridge links are sent out to you when you’ve been billed for January

Complete Set List (Veteran Tier)

  • Smutton the 5th – Saddled
  • Smutton the 5th – Unsaddled
  • Flying Pigs – 3 Saddled
  • Rabbitfolk – 5 poses, 3 variants for each pose.
  • Rabbitfolk Command Group – Banner Bearer, Musician, and the Captain (with 3 variants).
  • Rabbit Hero
  • Dairy Minotaurs – 3 poses
  • Ravenfolk – 5 poses, 2 weapon variants each.
  • Ravenfolk Command Group – Banner Bearer and Musician
  • Ravenfolk Hero
  • Farmomancer
  • Farmomancer riding Chimera
  • Barnyard Chimera
  • Cockatrice – 5 Saddled
  • Cockatrice – 5 Unsaddled
  • Sheeptrosity
  • 🐸 Woolhopper (Patreon & Tribes subscriber exclusive)
  • Radish Daddy
  • Sleeping Radish Daddy
  • Awakened Radishes – 5 of them
  • Sleeping Radishes
  • Hay Pile
  • Coop
  • Scarecrow
  • Feed Bin
  • Fence Straight
  • Fence Corner

📜 About OnePageRules  RULES

We teamed up with One Page Rules to create a Wargame compatible Dragon Trappers Lodge set again this month. We are beyond stoked to bring you these models. We hope it brings even more fun to your hobby

  • 1. Download the FREE PDFs: LINK COMING SOON These rules are compatible with One Page Rules Age of Fantasy and Grim Dark Future
  • 2. Pickup the Free ONE PAGE RULES PDFs here: https://onepagerules.com/

About One Page Rules: They created amazing tabletop wargaming systems that are completely free! All the rules and army sheets are on easy to read single page rules that you can download right off their website at no cost. The Dragon’s War is an army that is compatible with OPR.  We are incredibly excited do venture into wargaming and we are looking forward to your feedback as well as welcoming new members to the lodge from the wargaming community! For D&D players out there, we hope you’ll  dabble into some wargaming, or perhaps take this opportunity play out a war in your campaign.

⚔️ May Your Blades Stay Sharp And Your Flesh On Your Bones!

Quelle: The Dragon Trappers Lodge bei Patreon


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