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Cyber Forge: Black Market

Beim Cyber Forge Patreon wird unter anderem diesen Monat der Schwarzmarkt besucht.

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September 2023 Full Preview! Black Market!

Hello everyone!

In September 2023 you will land in the dark part of Titan City;  Black Market.

Grim Realms will continue the Cristalids line and Hyperfront present to you the Steamcore Order!


This was not a normal haist…

Black Market was almost a separate part of Titan City. A place where you can get a lot of things done. And buy a lot of them; legal, illegal, alien, secret. Whatever you desire the price is always the bottom line. Since a lot of credits run through the Black Market, there has to be some kind of regulation. Some kind of force looking after the interests of the richest and most wicked. Black Market Militia is organized on the level of TCPD and sometimes even better equipped. They can be asked for help, protection, or simply extortion but this evening they were guarding a very important cargo container. Large monolith-like box made of the strongest alloy. The logos of Sakara Corp. were scratched off but you can tell whose property was it. Steam Sparrow was a hacker who knew what was up on The Grid. She obtained information that this particular container hides inside a great, forbidden corporate weapon. The forbidden part was obviously a myth to scare off potential robbers. But not her. This could be her way out. It has to work. The client is set to pay a lot for this. She just needed a team to take care of dirty work and potential troubles. Sutter Rhodes was a barista, actor, writer, director, DJ, influencer, producer, rapper, comedian, kickboxer, registered chiropractor, stuck broker, spiritual healer, goalkeeper, and primary school teacher and he even got the cure for cancer. He is a mofo Sutter Rhodes! But for now, he was actually a government sleeper agent working as a bodyguard in Katans and Hexes bar. That is where she found him. He was just bored so decided to help. He doesn’t need money, he is mofo Sutter Rhodes! The other two guys: Sparkless Sonny and Scepter Quead were just mercs without luck, waiting in Katanas and Hexes for occasions like that. To earn money and to shine in the Titan City underbelly. The plan was quite simple. Spread rumors that they want to steal the classic relic tank from old Earth who supposedly took part in Great Zombie War in Atlanta; Chieftain.

Once the dust had settled and they moved aside the bodies of militants, the cargo container was ready to be opened. Light fell through and inside they saw the price. They were wrong, they were so wrong. Those were no myths; this was a forbidden technology. Right in front of them stood a Warbeast D. Mechanical assassin bot created by crazy scientist Jake Dante for Sakara Corp. And was quickly scrambled from production. On the Grid it got a nickname; Death Machine. Its creator gave it only one directive: Kill all humans! Eyes just lit red and probably the last one of its king was ready to execute his one and only task.

This was not a normal haist…


Stay Cyber!

CF Team

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  • Das Gelände und das Warbeast finde ich okay

    Der Rest ist leider der übliche Cyberforge brei, das ist so schade aber bei Titanforge ging es ja noch nie um Qualität also passt es auch wieder zur Firmen Tradition

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