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Cyber Forge: August Patreon

Diesen Monat geht es unter anderem ins Meer beim Patreon von Cyber Forge.

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Under The Sea! August 2023 Full Preview!

Hello everyone!

August is upon us and it is Summer everywhere (well, except in the southern hemisphere). We hope you were able to get some much-needed relaxation. We have also been charging our batteries, specifically by the water, and it has inspired us to create a thematic Deep Sea release. That’s right, it is time for a water level at Cyber Forge!

Enjoy the full preview of miniatures dedicated to exploring the depths and underwater stations, along with some abyssal creatures to face. As always, you are also in for wargaming miniatures from the Grim Realms, spaceship miniatures for Hypefront, and intricately designed terrain for your hobby projects.

Under the Sea

In the extremely cold environment of Titan, water behaves more like a rock, forming a hard surface 200 kilometers thick. Beneath this solid expanse lies a subsurface ocean, reaching down to Titan’s core. At these depths, an incredible phenomenon occurs: the formation of high-pressure ice. Such ice assumes an exotic crystal structure, unlike anything we see on Earth. Up until now, we believed that these crystals were lifeless.

Recently, unusual activity has been recorded within Titan’s upper crust. Detailed surveys revealed intricate tunnels burrowing up from the depths. This disruption has led to geological upheavals – triggering earthquakes, creating sinkholes, and causing geysers of frigid water to burst into the stratosphere.

Titan City, the solitary outpost of humanity on this distant moon, has so far remained untouched. However, this status was dangerously temporary. To address the escalating threat, a specialized team of researchers and warriors was dispatched. Their mission was to descend into the depths and discover the cause of these disturbances.

To breach the formidable ice crust, a network of solar lenses was constructed, focusing sunlight into a concentrated beam capable of puncturing the ice. Two vessels, Wavequest and Hydrostorm, were launched into the fleeting tunnel. As the light faded, the newly formed tunnel has sealed behind them in a freezing instant.

The abyss was expected to be dark and barren, but the team was met with an unexpected glow. The drifting icebergs within the ocean shimmered with eerie radiation, casting an ethereal light through the water. Their placement did not seem random at all. They directed the team towards a gaping entrance, a passage that climbed through the icy layer from below.

Guided by the lights, the team ventured into the tunnel. Not far above, they stumbled on a small Crystalisk outpost, full of creatures carving through the ice with unfamiliar technology. Encased in crystal carapaces, floating back and forth, the creatures offered an awe-inspiring spectacle. However, the opportunity for admiration quickly ended with sudden hostility.

The Crystalisks attacked with a volley of razor-sharp shards launched toward the vessels, which retaliated by unleashing a swarm of defensive drones. A contingent of commandos, armed with advanced underwater weaponry, engaged the Crystalisks directly. The resulting clash was swift, thanks to a technological and strategic upper hand. The team managed to capture one of the creatures for onboard analysis.

Back on the ship, the team attempted to communicate with the Crystalisk, who appeared to express themselves through lights and vibrations. A quantum AI system, proficient in deciphering and interpreting complex patterns and codes projected an array of spectrums, rhythms, and wave intensities, all while its sensors collected and analyzed the Crystalisks‘ responses. The back-and-forth exchange was rapidly processed by AI, learning and adapting at an astonishing rate.

Within mere hours, the communication barrier crumbled, and the first meaningful dialogue between the species was achieved. The Crystalisks‘ aggressive actions turned out to be born not of malice but of fear. Their tunneling endeavors were efforts to reach the surface, an evacuation strategy in the face of an impending catastrophe: a massive fissure in the ocean floor threatened to drain their habitat, potentially vaporizing the water as it met the searing core, an event that could cause the apocalypse for all of Titan.

The team has returned to the surface armed with the newfound understanding, Humanity and the Crystalisks formed an unlikely alliance.  As a united front, they leverage the best of their respective technologies to address the impending catastrophe. The humans focused on stabilizing the ice layer, using advanced thermal regulation technology to ensure the fissure doesn’t expand. Meanwhile, the Crystalisks modified their tunneling efforts, redirecting their activities to create pressure relief channels, slowing down the ocean drain speed.

Thanks to the early warning from the Crystalisks‘ instinctive evacuation efforts, Titan has gained precious time. Together, the two races averted the crisis, ensuring the survival of Titan City and the Crystalisks‘ underwater civilization.

Stay Cyber!
Cheers, CF Team

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  • Haben die die Kneter gewechselt?

    Oder bauen die einfach stark ab in letzter Zeit?
    Schön war Titanforge ja noch nie aber in letzter Zeit finde ich deren sculps werden immer „egaler“..

    • Generell findet gerader ein großer Wechsel der „kneter“ Statt, denn auch in dieser Branche findet gerade ein Fachkräfte mangel statt und langsam aber sicher, steigen große Firmen ins 3d Druck business ein bzw wollen mit neuen Marken einsteigen. Dann kommt noch dazu das einige auch aufhören wegen Burnout 😞

  • Mich triggert, dass die hier Titan als einen Eismond mit Ozean unter der Eiskruste bezeichnen. Irgendwie erinnere ich mich bei den Bildern von Huygens an etwas anderes.

    Zu den Minis:
    Ich mag sie nicht wirklich. Sie sehen nach Aquaman-Astartes und Mirelurks aus. Und wie halten die Schädel der Menschen den Druck in der Tiefe ohne Helm so gut aus? Der eine hat nicht mal ne Atemmaske…

    Was ich gut finde, ist, dass CF anscheinend den Stil gewechselt haben. Den alten mochte ich noch weniger.

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