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Crooked Dice: Neuheiten

Crooked Dice haben einen ganzen Schwung Neuheiten im Shop.


Lizardmen – je Modell 5,00 GBP

Lizardfolk make their home in swamps and marshes to ensure their scaly skin remains damp. Living in tribal bands, scouring their surroundings for meat, they are savage fighters who are easily provoked and restless when hungry.


Cavemen – Frau 5,00 GBP, Männer je 4,00 GBP, Set 16,00 GBP

Travel back in time and discover this prehistoric tribe. Are they a forgotten people or an ancient race – or perhaps even a less advanced alien race on a strange new world?
Sculpted by Stéphane Enjolras. Cast in white metal. Supplied unpainted with a 25mm slottabase.

Killer Frogs WEB

Killer Frogs – je 2,00 GBP, Set 3,00 GBP

These colourful croakers lurk in swamps and rain forests. Their brightly coloured skin contains deadly toxins that can fell even the hungriest predator!
Sculpted by Iain Colwell. Cast in resin. Painted for display by Simon Bradley. Supplied unpainted with a 20mm slottabase.

Barrel Mimic WEB

Barrel Mimic – 5,00 GBP

Who know what is inside this barrel…? A wholesome ale, halflings in hiding… or a ravenous morphing monster wait to devour you!? This is a two part resin casting. Requires assembly.

Barrel Set SCALE Barrel Set WEB

Barrel Set – 8,00 GBP

Decorate your docks, villages and inns with these casks – useful for storing food, beer or halflings. This set contains seven barrels – two large, three medium and two small barrels. All cast in resin and supplied unpainted.

Ale Barrels SCALE Ale Barrels WEB

Ale Barrels – 8,00 GBP

Below taverns and in the cellars of grand houses, you may find these casks of ale. No-one will notice if you take a quick snifter… This set contains six barrels – two large, two medium on stands, two upright barrels. All cast in resin and supplied unpainted.

Crates Set SCALE Crates Set WEB

Crates Set – 10,00 GBP

Decorate your docks, villages and inns with these crates. This set contains ten crates – two large, four medium and four small crates. All cast in resin and supplied unpainted.

Quelle: Crooked Dice Game Design Studio


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