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Cobramode Miniatures: Oktober Patreon

Im Oktober haben Cobramode Miniatures wieder ein STL-Paket für Patreons zusammengestellt.

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The Ancients (Dinovians)
Long ago, before the world as we know it now, existed the Dinovians. Called ‘The Ancients‘ by most present day societies*, their ruins can be found everywhere, even inside the dangerous Stygian Apertures. Before The Fall of Divalia, before the other peoples even existed in the world, the goddess of the Dinovians, Archaen, waged war on the god Stygian. This violent battle between gods tore the planet so that mountains rose and fell, lava spewed forth and filled the sky with acrid smoke, and the seas heaved and crashed over the land, lashing the world with storms and enormous waves that battered and drowned anything that lived. Archaen, a goddess of knowledge and light, led her chosen people, the Dinovians, to travel the Barrow Realms in order to escape this turbulent war. When at last she pierced Stygian’s heart with her spear made of light, he shattered into ten thousand pieces which float about the world still, occasionally opening rifts into his barrow realm which the elves of the Taforalt call Stygian Apertures. The largest piece, pinned by Archaen’s spear, exists only inside his realm and became a source of great power for the Dinovians. So it came to pass that the Dinovians worship Archaen, but draw their magic from Stygian who is linked to their goddess through her spear. For Stygian is a god of change and darkness, and everything that he touches he changes to suit his designs. The Dinovians eventually settled in a place they called Pangaea, where they flourished and continued to expand, spreading throughout the Barrow Realms through exploration or settlement. Their frequent travels often caused cross-contamination between worlds, seeding new species where they did not exist before. Hence the world as we know it now, filled with a myriad of disparate species. Meanwhile, the Dinovians continue to thrive in Pangaea and travel the Realms, their magic and technology far in advance of anything known by the other people they’ve encountered.

Now that the mundane realm has recovered from the Great War, their trading caravans come to visit every few hundred or thousand years, much to the surprise of the people now living there.

*Curiously, the Ariche people call Dinovians ‘ Lightbringers’, perhaps a mark of their deep knowledge of history.

The Prismatic Alloy pieces spun, light glinting off their finely wrought edges as the kinetomancer manipulated them, a deadly dance in the dying light.

Valerix Quakecaster – Dinovian Kinetomancer
Valerix is a skilled kinetomancer, a mage who can move and manipulate objects at will. Proud and haughty, he can be a bit smug about his abilities (much to the chagrin of those around him). His hubris has gotten him into many arguments and minor fights, though this hasn’t deterred him in the slightest. After all, he has the talent to back up his words, which only makes him more annoying. His weapon of choice is the Prismatic Alloy, metallic pieces which he assembles into different shapes according to his needs, using a matching staff as a focus.

The collapsible crane swung slowly over the Rostrosaurus, creaking as it took the weight of the enormous panniers. Huffing contentedly, the Rostro lumbered away under the guidance of its handlers.

The Rostrosaurus is a huge, long necked dinosaur with a beak-like mouth and spines along its neck. The main species of pack animal used by Dinovians, their hardiness and strength is unparalleled. They’re particularly useful for the large Merchant Caravans that travel between Realms, able to live off any type of plant matter (although their appetites can be prodigious). Their large body size coupled with their relatively low intelligence can be challenging at times, however. Professional handlers are needed to keep them calm and moving in the right direction, and it is not uncommon for them to accidentally trample people or animals without realizing it.

“There is no reward more glorious than death in battle.”

Krommok, Grothar, and Skarn – Dinovian Mercenaries
Mercenaries are an important and vital part of Dinovian society, serving as Caravan Guards, Realm Gate Defenders, as well as Personal Guards. The majority of Mercenaries and Warriors are Ankylos (both male and female), as their generally bulkier and armored frames are well-suited to more muscular pursuits. The hero of the Ankylos, Doltar, is famous for having held back the Stygian Hordes at the expense of his own life during the final battle between Archaen and Stygian. As such, warrior professions are revered and celebrated amongst Ankylos. Krommok, Grothar, and Skarn are a trio of Caravan Guards who have been traveling together for some time. Though not necessarily skilled, they are incredibly tough and stubborn and will eventually out-bludgeon any enemy they encounter.

“Negotiation is a duel of wits, and I always come armed.”

Vae’lira – Dinovian Merchant and Gallotalis Mount
The Merchant Caravans of the Dinovians are quite famous due to their incredibly wide range; travelling the Barrow Realms and different planes has allowed them to explore in a way that no other society has. To be part of such an endeavor is no mean feat, and Vae’lira has led many of these expeditions in her twenty years of merchant activities. As the head of her merchant group, she oversees much of the organization and logistics of travel alongside making savvy trades for valuable goods to sell back home in Pangaea, or abroad. Unpretentious and pragmatic to her core, she is not the type who likes to flaunt her wealth, and prefers to ride her swift and agile Gallotalis rather than sit in a stuffy carriage like some of the more pampered of her ilk.

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