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Carnevale: Preview

TTCombat veröffentlichen am Freitag zwei Neuheiten für Carnevale.


This Friday, the Daughters of the Hydra will be released! A new Rashaar box, you’ll be able to incorporate these miniatures into your existing gangs with ease. We added the Partuul Matriarch and two Crybabies to create a 72-ducat gang with a pair of Infant Kraken waiting to spare.


Escalating the violence of even a standard Varcolac, the Moon Eater is a step beyond. Warded with magical runesand totems wrapped around its flesh this empowered beast is unlike other wolfmen. Still continuous of its previous life, the Moon Eater is a berserk brawler and devours the very Will of its Victims!

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Redakteur von Brückenkopf-Online. Seit 2001 im Hobby, erstes Tabletop Armalion. Aktuelle Systeme: Freebooter's Fate(Alle Fraktionen), Bushido(Ito, Ryu, Ro-Kan),Moonstone, Summoners (Feuer, Luft), Deadzone, ASoIaF(Nachtwache, Targaryen), Dropfleet Commander(UCM, Scourge), Warmaster(Zwerge, Echsen), Eden(ISC, Resistance), KoW: Armada(Basilean, Ork) u.v.m

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