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Bushido: Weitere Previews

GCT Studios zeigen weitere Previews zur nächsten Release-Welle für Bushido.

Bushido Weitere Previews 01 Bushido Weitere Previews 02

Let’s take a closer look at one of the models from the next wave that has already been revealed!
Most Onisho will use a variety of weapons in their desire to grow, kill and exalt themselves into full Oni status. Yasei has used weapons but is one of the most proficient unarmed Onisho seen in decades. He seems to instinctively know how to bend, twist and break opponents in increasingly creative ways.
A great melee fighter, with an array of Special Abilities, Yasei is a fairly straightforward profile, granting clear advantages to any Warband needing some melee bite. His support abilities also help, in particular being able to destroy terrain can be a key ability to break stalemates.

Bushido Weitere Previews 03 Bushido Weitere Previews 04

Another look at a previously revealed model.
Don’t forget this and the other models from this wave will be available for preorder tomorrow, 9th January!
The Ito Shugenja have been testing the limits of their clan’s connection to Orochi. Where the Shisai are granted power from the Kami, Shugenja take power and abuse their bond. As soon as the first followers became Hebimiman, the Shugenja tried to do the same. But where Orochi’s gifts are seamlessly blended into the supplicant to make a perfect predator, the Shugenja experiments often produce malformed piteous creatures they call Abominations. The Daimyo may have halted these blasphemous rites were it not for the animosity it creates within the clan, thus ensuring his power and position.
As the battle goes on, Yankī’s abilities get better and better, but he will burn out early and cannot survive the battle. While his Rice Cost accounts for this, you need to make sure he engages as many times as possible during his peak power to get the best out of this unique profile.

Bushido Weitere Previews 05 Bushido Weitere Previews 06

One final reveal from this wave of releases!
Also, a little birdie told me that preorders are live on the store now!
The defenders of the Golden Dragon Shrine are some of the finest warriors in the Jwar Isles. Each one not just a capable Samurai but a devout Michi practitioner. The nature of the Shrine and the
things it protects are not known, even to the Daimyo of the Dragon Clan but the guardians would each give their lives to protect it.
Kizoko is the first of these new type of Samurai for the Dragon Clan. They play very differently, though you can substitute them for other samurai and they can cover that role well. Disturb Flow offers some new tactics for the Prefecture and if you have Virtue Tokens, the ability gained is valuable.


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