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Bushido: Weitere Preview

GCT Studios haben weitere Vorschaubilder auf die nächste Welle an Neuerscheinungen gezeigt.


Hatchi3 Hatchi1

The process of making a Gashadokuro should only use the physical remnants of the deceased, there should be no difference in what body is used. The Cult’s adepts have a lot to learn then as the walking skeleton of this samurai has remembered all of its training and retained its battle gear. Perhaps the Kami called to inhabit the bones finds some synergy with the past history of the person they once were? More disturbing to the Yuta, Satou Hatchi has been seen leading other skeletons as he would have in life, organising them for battle and using his ashigaru and peasant levies in tactical manoeuvres.
For a Cult player the Gashodokuro offer a front line of models which are very difficult to remove. Satou Hatchi takes this one step further, he is more resilient than a regular skeleton, and also offers very respectable damage output.
Hoshi3 Hoshi2
Odamu is typical of the Hoshi family. As they rarely descend from the Iron peaks, the armour and weapons used by the Hoshi are of antiquated style, though no less effective as they still have the Bear Clan’s Blacksmiths to call on. Like the Minimoto, the Hoshi use the special metal found in the Iron Mountains and Odamu’s armour is incredibly tough. He has the blessings of the Bear Mon and is at home fighting alongside his Minimoto allies. However, the Hoshi are more in touch with their spiritual side and Odamu is no exception. He cannot exactly speak with the great bears that roam the mountains but there is certainly enough kinship for him to lead them in battle. He also has some measure of control over the cold, which the Hoshi are also famed for.
A new Samurai should be welcome, especially for Finest Steel players. In particular Odamu is a difficult prospect for opponents as not only does he have the usual high number of Wound Boxes and Armour (4) but also makes himself an unfavourable target by punishing any who dare attack him with Held and often also Slow. When wounded he also deals damage when opponents wound him and with Armour (4) and the ubiquitous Just a Scratch card often this deals more damage than Odamu takes!

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  • Wieder mal schöne Releases.. Leider fehlen mir da die Mitspieler..sonst wäre ich bei dem System gerne inensiver dabei

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