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Brigade Games: 15mm Bases

Brigade Games bieten neue Resin-Bases im 15mm Maßstab an.

Es handelt sich hierbei um zwei verschiedene Base-Arten:

Brigade15mmBases (1)

Zum einen 5 Flugbases für £3.00

The first is a set of flying stands for grav vehicles and VTOLs. There are five different bases, pre-textured with rocks and dirt and with a hole in the middle. They are supplied with a ~200mm length of acrylic rod which you can cut to suit your requirements (it made more sense to us to supply this uncut rather than dictate how high your vehicles would be hovering).

Brigade15mmBases (2)

Zum anderen drei verschiedene Truppbasen:

  • 5-figure Regular Base für £0.60
  • 5-figure Irregular Base für £0.60
  • 5-figure Compact Base für £0.40

We also have three new types of resin figure base. These all have slots for five figures, so will suit games such as Osprey’s recent release Xenos Rampant. There’s a base with regular spacing for normal troops, one with slightly more irregular spacing for creatures or hordes, and a compact variant for smaller figures. All slots are for figures on 16mm round bases – Euro 1-cent coins are perfect if you can get them, or our M8 washers are the same size. The two larger resin bases have holes for magnets (not supplied). The bases are supplied unpainted and untextured – the photos below show what they look like once painted.

Brigade15mmBases (3)

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