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Blood Bowl: Kiroth Krakeneye Preview

Ein Dunkelelfen Korsar, der nicht nur eine mächtige Schwarze Arche kommandiert, sondern auch als Starspieler die Stadien der Alten Welt aufmischt, kommt in Form von Kiroth Krakeneye.

Tackle the Terrors of the Deep with Blood Bowl Star Player Kiroth Krakeneye

Bob: Hey Jim, Jim! Why are Corsairs such good Blood Bowl players?

Jim: … I swear, every single game… 

Bob: Nobody knows, Jim, they just arrrr.

Sailors love their tall tales, and none more so than the swashbuckling commodore of the Elven circuit known as Kiroth Krakeneye. As commander of the Black Ark Fateful Voyage, Kiroth has taken his Blood Bowl talents to the four corners of the world, where the stories of his supposed exploits have made him a household name among fans.

Forge World Tackle The Terrors Of The Deep With Blood Bowl Star Player Kiroth Krakeneye 1

In one particularly outlandish tale – that he himself insists is true – the crew of the Fateful Voyage wrapped their vessel in enchantments and dove below the waves to play a friendly game against the mythical Southstorm Squids. Though the game ended in tragedy when the enchantments wore off and the entire team was crushed beneath the waves, Krakeneye alleges the Squids saved him personally and gave him his eye-catching headwear as a consolation prize.

Forge World Tackle The Terrors Of The Deep With Blood Bowl Star Player Kiroth Krakeneye 2

It’s this tentacular helmet that gives Kiroth his name, for the seemingly inert face comes alive during matches to writhe and lash out in a disturbing manner. So downright weird is the display that few players want to spend more than a moment around him, and if any are brave enough to look right at the man, they’re wont to get an eyeful of Black Ink for their trouble.

Forge World Tackle The Terrors Of The Deep With Blood Bowl Star Player Kiroth Krakeneye 3

This special rule makes him an excellent technical player who can set up game-winning plays by knocking out a crucial Tackle Zone. With the natural agility of his preferred teams lending themselves to bursts of speed and skill, the 160,000 GP required to enlist Kiroth Krakeneye is a small price to pay for victory.

You’ll be able to hire this excellent resin miniature for your own Elven Kingdoms League teams soon.

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